Why do dogs always tilt their heads? Is it just for cuteness?

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I believe that many people who have raised dogs will find an interesting phenomenon. When you are talking to a dog, the dog will tilt his head to the side, and sometimes there are doorbells and phone rings, they will do the same.So what are the dogs expressing by tilting their heads? Are they just selling cute?

Positioning sound

About "Why the dog tilts his head", some scholars have put forward some opinions of their own, and these opinions actually have some basis. What are the opinions?

To sum up, there are probably three more mainstream theories. This time we will talk about them one by one.

The most mainstream view is that the dog tilts his head in order to better hear and recognize the specific position of the sound. Then why do you say that?

Dog’s ears are very “powerful”. We can often see that dogs’ ears can move, for example, when they are nervous and afraid, they will press their ears back; another example: when they want to go out to please you, they will also put their earsBack pressure; when you listen carefully, it will move.

This is because the dog’s ears are connected to very developed muscles. There is also an area in the brain that controls the movement of the ear muscles, which we call: the suspicious nucleus. This suspicious nucleus is also responsible for the dog’s communication, facial expressions, andHead movement. This means that when dogs want to express themselves, their ears will move with them because they are controlled by the nucleus.

In addition, dogs’ hearing is very developed, which is reflected in the sound positioning. Especially they have a very strong ability to recognize the sound uploaded in the horizontal direction, and can distinguish the specific position of the sound, includingDirection and distance.

But for dogs, their ears also have certain shortcomings, that is, the ability to recognize sounds in the vertical direction is far inferior to that in the horizontal direction. Therefore, they need to find a way to recognize sounds in the vertical direction. The method usedThat is: tilt your head and listen.

When the dog tilts his head, if the sound comes from above, the upward ear will hear the sound, and the downward ear will hear the sound. Through this short time difference, the dog’s brainYou can estimate the specific location of the sound coming from above, and the same principle applies to the sound coming from below. In this way, the dog can well recognize the sound in the vertical direction. In fact, it is not just a dog, but a dog.The family has such characteristics, such as fox and wolf.

Confirmation information

In addition to identifying the specific location of the sound, some people think that the dog is tilting his head to try to understand what the owner is saying?

As mentioned above, controlling the nucleus of the ear while controlling communication and other functions.

So, based on this recognition, some people think that there is a certain relationship between the dog's head tilting and communication. For example: When the owner is talking, it happens to be some words that the dog often hears. They are trying toConfirm this information, at this time, the head and ears will be tilted.

Look at the owner clearly

The third view is more controversial, supported by many people, and some people questioned it. The person who put forward this view thinks that the dog tilted his head to see the person speaking to it clearly. Why do you say that?

Although dogs’ sense of smell and hearing are very powerful. Compared with humans, dogs’ visual ability is relatively poor. Not only do they have fewer cones, they also see the world with less color and relativelyAs far as humans are concerned, they are still highly myopic. If a dog has a long muzzle protruding mouth and lips, there will be a blind spot below the center field of view.

You can write a fist and place the tiger’s mouth on the tip of your nose to simulate the existence of this blind spot. Many dogs have very long snouts, such as Corgi, Erha, etc.

When a dog tilts his head, he can see a blind spot that he hadn't seen before. People have also found that starlings with a short snout rarely tilt their head. This is probably because they do not have this blind spot.

Therefore, some people think that the dog tilted his head in order to better see the owner who is talking to it. You must know that the dog’s language system includes voice, expression, and body language. Through this set of languageThe system makes them have a strong empathy ability. Therefore, for dogs, it is very necessary to be able to see the owner’s expression clearly and to perceive the meaning of the owner’s expression.

However, the controversy of this statement is that some people find that some dogs with short snouts sometimes tilt their heads. Take starlings, although they rarely tilt their heads, they occasionally doThere is such an action.

Of course, no matter which one of the above three or all three situations exist. The behavior of the dog "tilting his head" is to better adapt to the environment.

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