Winter mist, why do people love and hate?

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There is a saying in China: "Spring foggy sun, summer fog and rain, autumn fog and cool breeze, winter fog and snow." There are fogs in all seasons, which can transform into wind, rain and snow, but winter fog is the most special.

Compared with the spring, summer and autumn, the winter fog is more violent when it rises. It is like a huge net, covering all the land, mountains and forests, and buildings and roads are hidden.

The special thing about winter fog lies in the hope when the fog disperses. In agricultural life for thousands of years, people are happy to see the morning fog in winter, and it will clear up after the morning fog. The proverb often says: "Ten"Nine clear in the fog", "The ground is covered with fog in the morning, although the rice is dried."

Picture 1.2| Changliangdier-Liaoqin

Winter fog makes people love and hate, love the fog will clear up, but also hate the fog.

In the past year, we have been shrouded in dense fog, but I firmly believe that when we step into the new year, the sun will break through the mist, and the beauty will begin again.

Life is like winter fog, rain and snow are endless, fog and sun can be requested.


Fog language. Fog rises from the world to white

When the winter fog first rises, the world is pale and elegant.

If you are in a southern country, you might as well get up early in the winter in the early morning, and you can see a large white area outside by opening the window.

The haze of the southern country is half-hidden and blank. The mountains and rivers are the background, and the white fog smears the world randomly. As far as you can see, it is like the distant landscapes described by the Chinese painter. Everything has only a faint shadow. The fog.It also blurs the horizon, the sky is connected to the water and the tail water is connected to the sky, surprised by the color of the sky and the sudden fog.

The whiteness of winter mist makes people feel refreshed.

Picture 1.2| Meiyu Qingke

Walking into it is like walking into a curtain of gauze hanging from the sky. It is wet and cool. The fog soaks everything and condenses it into rime. It is crystal clear and blooms into the most beautiful flower in winter.

During Su Shi's tenure in Hangzhou, his duties were busy. Every time, he hid in a monastery by the West Lake and enjoyed a moment of cleanliness. He wrote: "The breeze is swaying the window, and the bamboo is repaired in front of the window.Feet around. The snow falls on Xia Yan, and the green mist slowly touches people’s clothes.”

The breeze in the courtyard, the mist in the temple, just to wash the heart.

Picture|Miyu Qingke

Story. Atomized vegetation and green

The fog is beginning to melt in winter, and the vegetation appears new green

Winter Monogatari, some people think of the red plum of the wind knife and frost sword, some people think of the fisherman who fished alone in the cold river, but I think of the mist at the end of winter and early spring. The story of winter mist is hope, hidden in thick fog, thenA touch of fresh green.

When I was young, I used to play in the fields, and I was used to seeing all kinds of smoke. Wulan and cooking smoke are not different at first glance. The difference is that the cooking smoke curls upwards, far away from the world, while Wulan is creeping to the ground., Nourish everything. But the elders have mentioned that the morning fog in the late winter and early spring is a good sign. Because the winter fog is thick in the morning, the weather will be fine for a long time. If it is sunny, you can dry the rice and dry the quilt.

Picture 1|The Thief 7397

Picture 2|Xinan Rain

But the kindness of morning mist is actually those dewdrops that fall when the mist melts.

When the fog begins to gradually dissolve, it will return to its original appearance-water vapor. The morning fog falls on the world, soaking the already withered grass and trees, when the turf begins to gradually wet and soften, and soon, it will appear hereA tip of fresh green. The dewdrops hang on the dead branches, and when the sunlight starts to photosynthesize, a stubble of shoots will emerge.

The Winter Fog Story is also a prelude to spring. No matter how steep yesterday's wind knife and frost sword, as long as you can see the winter fog in the morning today, wait for it to melt, you can turn into a spring.

Because I believe that the severe cold will eventually pass, winter fog will turn into dew, and dead branches will always sprout.

Enlightenment. The sky will clear when the fog is scattered

When the fog clears in winter, the weather will always be sunny.

Winter fog is also unpleasant. Zhang Henshui once wrote during his stay in Chongqing: "The basin is foggy, and it gets worse in winter. The white people are rushing and the condensation is thick. Ten steps away, nothing can be seen."

Winter fog is sometimes turbulent, blocking the sun, and also bringing people a kind of confusion, but it also makes people feel that when the world is all white and misty, when reflected, life is also like a deep day.In the fog, we panic in it, and we live in the mist.

The fog is impermanent, making people miss the daily sun even more.

Just like when we are climbing, although the path is full of dense fog, we can't see the road ahead and the surrounding mountains. But with the expectation of the top of the mountain, we can finally reach the top of the mountain and wait for the cloud and fog at the top of the mountain.After dispersing, the sun shines from the mountains and gully, and the heaven and the earth show his strange side.

Everything will pass, and everything will eventually become a cloud. Just like the thick mist in winter, there will be a day when it dissipates. When the fog clears, the sun will definitely be visible.

Bing Xin said: "We carried the sunshine of our hearts from the mist, and walked east and north at a neat pace until we met the sunshine in the sky."

If the heart is facing the sun, why fear the winter fog?

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