Why are more and more people abandoning tabby cats?

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This reason is mainly because the purpose of raising cats has undergone a fundamental change. In the past, people raised tabby cats because they can catch mice and basically do not need to be fed. They have a strong ability to survive independently, and they are also wild.It’s harder to tame, but now people keep cats, and more of them are pet cats. These cats need to have a strong dependence on humans. To be precise, they should learn to "flatter" to humans, that is, they can be trained and obedient.It’s difficult for these pet cats to survive without humans. Without human feeding, it’s difficult for them to survive in the wild by catching mice.

We all know that in the past, people kept tabby cats basically not feeding them. These tabby cats sleep at home during the day and go out to catch mice at night, especially in rural areas. These cats are not very close to people. They occasionallyThe reason for running away from home is that you can’t catch mice at home. They will go to other places. Like many cats, their eyes have night vision function. They are one of the natural enemies of mice, and their hunting ability is also first-class.If the owner feeds the cats full, they will like to sleep and stop catching mice. This is also one of the main reasons why people kept cats from feeding in the past.

This directly leads to the fact that the tabby cats are not very dependent on people. They have a relatively strong wild nature, have a relatively strong ability to live independently, and are more difficult to tame. This is one of the reasons why people do not like it, and these tabby catsBecause of its strong survivability and fast reproduction ability, this cat is easy to breed and has a low cost, so the price is relatively low. The economic income of the breeder is not considerable, so people are unwilling to raise such a cheap cat.Cat.

Nowadays, people keep cats more as pets. They no longer have the function of catching mice in the past. Therefore, the advantages of tabby cats are gone. For breeders, cats are obedient and clingy, and rely on their owners.They have the advantage of survival, and these tabby cats basically don’t have it. They are relatively cold and rarely flatter humans, especially they don’t like being trained. In the past, we often said that the cat’s character is "You are playing with it.When playing games, it is teasing you, not you teasing it. It will play with you when it is happy. If it is not happy, it will greet you with its paws and teeth." This is totally different from dogs and pet cats.Similarly, they are very flattering and can accept all kinds of teasing and teasing from their owners, but tabby cats are not.

Things are rare and expensive. We know that tabby cats are native cats. Raising tabby cats will not bring others’ envy, and occasionally will be despised by some people. From the perspective of vanity, the cost of raising tabby cats isThe lowest, and raising a pet cat is not only expensive, but also branded cat food. Being able to raise one's identity through pets raised, this vanity will also make some people abandon raising tabby cats.

Many tabby cats are in a state of abandoning and running away from home. They are not very dependent on humans, so sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between abandoning and running away.

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