What is the fundamental reason why Zhu Bajie did not become a "Buddha"?

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This should be brought about by the two systems. In the Tathagata’s employment system, Tang Seng’s tenacity and Wukong’s abilities were reused, while the Eight Precepts in the Heavenly Court controlled by the Jade Emperor were reused. Wukong was either granted an idle position orBeing awarded a small official reflects the issue of the employment system. With the ability of Bajie, Tathagata made him an envoy of the net, in fact, he displayed his special skills and the level of employment was significantly higher.

Some people have always used the position of "Marshal Canopy" to express that Zhu Bajie has strong ability and high level. He is in charge of 80,000 galaxy sailors in the Tiangong and has the ability of "Captain of the Navy". In fact, this is a typical method of judging ability by position.It means that a person is in a high position and must be capable. In fact, it is not. We know that in Tiangong, at that time, Sun Wukong once defeated Marshal Tianpeng with Yi Mawen's little official. In terms of ability, he was much worse than Monkey King.The emperor "does not use the power of a man without knowing the power".

There is more than one issue about the employment of the Jade Emperor. His Marshal Tota Heavenly King, who is in charge of one hundred thousand heavenly soldiers, could not beat the one of his men, Bi Mawen. The contrast is so great that it can explain the problem even more.Zhineng said that there was a problem with the Jade Emperor’s employment system. He did not have the ability to excavate and use talents. What specific methods were used? Some clues can be seen from Ba Jie’s face and Taibai Jinxing’s rapport.

Zhu Bajie's various performances during the course of learning, whether it is slapping his beard and horses, saying bad things about Wukong behind his back, or being lustful, greedy for money, good food and lazy, etc., are very obvious, indicating that these methods have been used by him, and they are quite profitableFeng, so he will use it again in the process of obtaining sutras, but what he encountered is the judgment standard of the Tathagata. Although Tang Seng is often "deceived" by him, the Tathagata is well aware of it.

In the employment system of Tathagata, the first consideration is the belief and tenacity of people. We know that the soul figure of the learning team is Tang Seng, who is the most indispensable. Tang Seng’s belief is the core of completing the task of learning, although Wukong is struggling,Many problems have been solved, but the first credit is Tang Seng. His core cohesion is very important. Coupled with his origin, all this makes him a Buddha, which is convincing.

As for Monkey King, his reward was before Zhu Bajie, and he also defeated the Buddha in battle. Compared with the Tiangong, his position was improved a lot, and Wukong's abilities were also brought into play. It is actually worthy of being higher than Zhu Bajie.The awards of the monk and the little white dragon can also be justified, without any sense of prejudice.

We know that although "Journey to the West" describes the story between ghosts, monsters, and immortals, it actually tells the world of humanity. For the Jade Emperor and Tathagata in Tiangong, it is only two systems of employment, which is about talents.The method of use is different, and the assessment criteria are also slightly different. At this point, the Jade Emperor’s ability to employ people is obviously worse, and the Tathagata appears to be more insightful.

From the performance on the journey, Zhu Bajie's high position in Tiangong, Marshal Tianpeng, should not be obtained by ability.

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