Will you be electrocuted if you urinate in the power plug?

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Boys like to pee at an object and pee, so an interesting story happened. I remember one time I saw a very interesting thing, saying that all the students in a school like to face a tap of the company next doorTube pee, I suddenly pee one day, when I pee on the water tube, I suddenly brake, and I can't pee!

The boys don’t know what’s going on, so they discussed this matter with the physics teacher. The physics teacher couldn’t tell, so he came. So I tried it out personally. As a result, he just took out JJ to pee and was caught by a group of women nearby.The teacher told the principal and said that the physics teacher peeed in front of the female teacher!

The physics teacher was confused and repeatedly explained to the principal. The principal persuaded the female teacher to leave and told the physics teacher that the company next door had connected low-voltage direct current to the water pipe to prevent students from peeing.A loop is formed. As soon as JJ is excited, it stops peeing, but the voltage is not high, and the human body has a natural reaction, but the feeling is not obvious, so this strange phenomenon is caused!

Will you get an electric shock if you pee on the board?

When we were in middle school, we knew that if electricity does not form a loop, there will be no electric shock! The civil electricity used in our country is single-phase 220V. Generally, there are two incoming wires, namely the live wire and the neutral wire, and a ground wireUsually the building is public ground!

However, due to the use of high-power appliances such as central air conditioners and instant electric water heaters in modern homes, the incoming line also has a three-phase four-wire system, and of course the public grounding wire is indispensable!

Therefore, there may be several ways of electric shock in the home line of these two modes. The first is that the human body forms a loop between the phase line and the neutral line. This type of electric shock is not many, but it does exist!

The other is that the human body forms a loop between the phase wire and the ground wire. This type of electric shock is the most common. For example, the electric equipment touches the shell and causes electric leakage. For example, the author has solved the problem of plug leakage due to poor rural electrician connections.The plug is not standard. There is a copper wire on the side of the hot wire with a thicker pen hair lapped on the gap. In summer, there is sweaty hands, and the hands are numb when touched. In winter, it is not easy to leak electricity. Disassemble and clean it.

There is also an electric shock between the phase line and the phase line. Due to the single-phase 220V three-wire system, the voltage between the phase lines is 380V. This kind of electric shock is more dangerous, but relatively few!

There is also an electric shock between the neutral wire and the ground wire. Because the three-phase is unbalanced, the neutral wire has a voltage of tens of volts to hundreds of volts. If no protective measures are taken, people can be electrocuted. Therefore, this kind of electric shockIt is often overlooked by many people, why there is still electricity in the neutral line, but if the neutral line and the ground line are grounded together, then this problem can be eliminated, but some systems cannot do this.

Now you can pee against the board to see what kind of electric shock will be triggered?

my country's standard plug-in board has three sockets: ground wire, live wire and neutral wire. Urine contains salt, which is basically a good conductor of electricity. When urine contacts live wire, electricity will be conducted to the body through urine. It is insulated from the earth, so you will not get an electric shock if you pee on the board in time!

Urine gradually fills the socket, so in theory, the hot wire, neutral wire and ground wire will be conducted by urine. At this time, there will be a short circuit in the socket, and the arc will burn the urine, which gives a feeling of angerJust like the old man who couldn't extract gold from his urine but made out phosphorus, he smells like the sky!

So as long as the insulation is well done, theoretically there will be no electric shock, but if you wear slippers to urinate in the summer, you will get an electric shock at least for a while. After that, if you have more urine, the zero wire and the fire wire are short-circuited.220V electric JJ, it is estimated that it is enough for you, you are lucky if you do not enter the hospital!

Although the risk is relatively small, you must not urinate indiscriminately

Man has a bad peeing habit, he likes to pee at a certain object. The one at the beginning of this article is really a joke, but there are many electric shock accidents caused by peeing. On November 3, 2003, a man wasWhen urinating on the overpass next to the Tongtong Hotel at Guangyuan West Road in Guangzhou City, when peeing on the high-voltage line next to the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway under the bridge, it caused an electric shock. The high voltage of 25,000 volts was conducted through urine. This man urinated fromThe overpass fell on the gravel pile on the side of the Beijing-Guangzhou line railway!

I was scorched and black, and it seems I can’t live! According to the surrounding residents, many people like to pee like this, but it is the first time to be electrocuted by high voltage. It seems that this peeing has also costed their lives.Really!

On August 11, 2012, a man surnamed Wei in Quanzhou City encountered an electric shock while urinating under a telephone pole in the Linzhangmen section of the West Ring Road after drinking. He was found by a nearby person and sent to a doctor, but he was comatose after a long time of electric shock.The doctor said the situation is not optimistic, it is very likely to become a vegetable.

In May 2020, a steel worker at a construction site in Nanjiang, Bazhong, went out to drink with a friend after get off work. He got up to pee in the middle. No one took out JJ and peeed at the air conditioner. As a result, the air conditioner leaked electricity and fell to the ground on the spot. I didn’t return to the worker for a long time and got up to search, only to find that he was foaming beside the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, unconscious, but due to the long electric shock, the medical treatment has been exhausted!

So, life is precious, you need to be careful when peeing!

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