"White tigers cover green dragons, and generations of people are poor." Is it true or false?

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"White tigers and green dragons, generations of people are poor." It is the ancient people's summary of architectural experience. It has a certain truth, but it is only limited to the ancient times where science and technology were not developed. Nowadays, this situation is more frequent and has an impactIt is also limited. To put it plainly, it is the rational use of natural resources such as air, space, and sunlight.

Our ancients built a house. The main house must be facing north and facing south, and choose a dry and ventilated place, especially if it is a little bit sunny southeast. In fact, we want to use the sun's light and heat as much as possible. It is free from natureThe most precious resource gifted to us was also contested by the ancients. The so-called "white tiger and green dragon" actually means that the house on the west side is higher than the building on the east side, which will affect the lighting and heating of the east side house, especiallyIn the cold and humid season, such a place will make the people living here get sick. Diseases can make people poor, not only in the past, but also in the present. There are many people who have bankrupted their lives to cure diseases. The root cause is stillPhysical health issues.

With the development of science and technology, we humans now have centralized heating, power supply and lighting, as well as various dehumidification equipment, which can artificially create a space suitable for human existence, and no longer rely on nature as in the past, of course, includingNowadays, many of us have no worries about food and clothing. The living space has got rid of the dependence on sunlight. Some places are even called the city that never sleeps, and the nightlife is becoming more and more abundant, unlike the ancients "Sunrise""Working and resting at sunset", once they are free from the sun, both the residence and the person themselves will be frozen and lack of light and lose the opportunity to work. They will also lose the ability to create wealth and indirectly enter the ranks of the poor.

The ancients summed up these experiences in the production process through observation of life, they are the experience of the rational use of natural resources, in fact, even now, we should try our best to use nature’s free resources, including solar and wind energy, etc.Let us save manpower and material resources. The most important thing is the pollution caused by energy. These energy sources are clean energy. Of course, don't refuse it if you can use it, but don't be too mysterious about these sayings.

Learn to use a scientific method to interpret the experience of the ancients. As long as it is used in the right place and is conducive to the sustainable development of mankind, we can all adopt it. At least it can inspire our thinking, rather than simply negating or holistically.In superstition, we must always learn to think dialectically, eliminate the content of fools, and absorb the parts that are beneficial to humans.

Actually, "White tigers cover green dragons, and generations of people are poor." It is just an assessment of the ancients in terms of architecture, and the choice of dryness and ventilation to prevent attacks by tigers, leopards and wolfworms in nature was very necessary at the time.Means are no longer needed in a modern environment. The most classic is the basis of ancient herders’ settlement, "yurts in yurts where there are stones, and grazes where there are wolves", which are all rational use of natural resources.

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