Is the old wild boar really better than the tiger?

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"One pig, two bears and three tigers". With the development of the Internet age, this northeastern saying has also moved out of the Northeast region, and it has become something that most people in the country know. Therefore, many people believe thatThe old wild boar is even more powerful than tigers and bears, and is the "uncrowned king" in the forest.

In fact, some people have misunderstandings about this northeastern saying. According to the information I verified, this ranking is actually based on the degree of threat to humans. Wild boars are irritable and destroy crops in groups.The loss caused by farmers is even greater.

There is another saying that in ancient times, people mainly lived a life of "relying on mountains to eat mountains, and relying on the sea to eat the sea". There are many forests in the northeast, and the forests are rich in prey. Therefore, most people live a life of going up the mountains to chop wood and hunt..

When hunters encounter tigers, most of them can't avoid it, how dare they come forward and attack? When they meet wild boars, they often attack without hesitation. Therefore, hunters in the past have the most injuries due to wild boars.

In addition, most people who go up the mountain to chop wood will go up with a hatchet when they meet wild boars. They don't know that wild boars are not easy to deal with. Therefore, ordinary woodcutters are also prone to be injured by wild boars. This sentence has been heard over timeAs the saying goes, it is meant to alert people that the danger of wild boar is no less than that of tigers and bears.

With the development of the times, social productivity and people's living standards continue to improve. Most farmers have abandoned the primitive farming life and used modern agricultural methods, and the number of prey in the mountains has also fallen short.

It can be said that most people in the country don’t have much idea about wild animals. Because of the common saying of “one pig, two bears and three tigers”, many people think that the strength of big wild boar is comparable to that of tigers, evenIt is better than tigers. Is this really the case? According to scientific research data, in the territory of Siberian tigers, wild boars are eaten a lot.

Analysis of the diet composition of the Siberian tiger

In some parts of Northeast my country and the Far East of Russia, although the environment here is not as good as tropical jungles, it is densely covered with forests and rich in animal resources. Among them, the Siberian tiger, Far Eastern leopard, brown bear, and black bear are the most well-known. Among them, the Siberian tiger It is an organism at the top of the food chain, inhibiting the population development of most herbivores and some carnivores.

Because the Siberian tigers live in a primitive environment and wild ungulates are abundant in species and numbers, many carnivores, including tigers, have a high degree of freedom in choosing their prey.

An ecological research data from the Wildlife Conservation Association in the Sikhote Mountains area shows that the Siberian tiger prefers medium and large ungulate prey. The largest proportion is red deer, followed by wild boar, and the third isRoe deer.

In fact, it is foreseeable. As a large carnivore, the Siberian tiger mostly weighs more than 200 kg. A meal needs to eat a lot of meat. If you hunt some small animals such as mice and frogs like a small predator, you need frequentPredation, although less difficult, is obviously not cost-effective.

Relatively speaking, catching larger prey at one time can provide food for several days.

In addition, tigers are a cautious big cat. They rarely attack super-large ungulates unless they are necessary, because it is not cost-effective to measure the pros and cons.

To prey on super-large prey, the first thing you must bear is the risk of prey resistance. In wild animals, the larger the size, the higher the strength; the second risk is to "make wedding dresses for others."Tigers have the habit of hiding food. Medium and large prey can be eaten in a short time. Very large prey means eating a few more meals. Then the probability of being discovered by other predators with "scavenger" attributes will be doubled.Increment.

From a comprehensive point of view, it is obvious that prey such as red deer and wild boar are the most suitable. Secondly, their herd is large, large in number, and easy to obtain.

Wild boar is the basic prey

The reproductive capacity of wild boar is very strong, as can be seen from news reports from various places. Affected by human over-hunting and habitat destruction, the number of wild animals in most of our forests has dropped sharply, including wild boar.

But since the end of the 20th century, thanks to the protection of the environment and animals, the number of wild animals began to increase, including wild boars. Although people living in cities may not feel it, wild boars in many parts of the countryIt has already begun to flood, and they are destroying farmland in groups, making local farmers very distressed.

The gestation period of female wild boar is very short, usually about 4 months, so they can give birth to two litters a year, and the number of litters per litter is as high as 4-12. Small wild boars enter adulthood after one year of age, which meansSoon they will be able to reproduce. It can be seen that a female wild boar can produce a considerable number of offspring in its lifetime.

Wild boar not only has a high reproduction rate, but also has a high survival rate. Because wild boar is an omnivorous animal, whether it is animal carrion, eggs, or plant food, they are always coming, so there is no natural enemyIn the case of hunting, small wild boars usually live to adulthood.

Because of the wild boar's reproductive ability is strong enough and the size is moderate, so many medium and large predators in the forest place the wild boar in the position of the main prey.

In the ecological research we mentioned for the Sikhote mountain range, experts also found that in the diet composition of local gray wolves, wild boar also occupies a larger proportion, ranking fourth.

Just like the white boot rabbits in North America and the pikas in the plateau areas, wild boars are also basic prey in the Eurasian forests and are the prey targets of a large number of medium and large predators.

Wild boar combat power has been severely exaggerated

Many people say that old wild boars are not only huge, but they use their skin to rub tree trunks and soil all the year round, and their skin has become very hard and thick.

In addition, the most important thing is that although wild boars do not have professional carnivorous equipment like cats, they have long fangs. The fangs are full of bacteria. Once they hit the opponent, they can bring deadly penetration to the opponenthurt.

This kind of description of wild boar is essentially correct, but there is an exaggeration. The main purpose of wild boar rubbing skin is to prevent parasites and scratching, not to thicken and strengthen the skin.Judging from the predation, the skin of the wild boar cannot withstand the sharp claws of the tiger.

Although the wild boar has deadly fangs, its movement is more restricted and cannot be as flexible as cats. Therefore, in daily alignment, it is difficult for wild boars to injure predators with fangs. Wild boarIt seems that he did not regard his fangs as his main attack equipment. Relatively speaking, the wild boar has a grumpy temper, and the most commonly used move is rampage.

In general, people have an over-famous reputation for the fighting power of wild boars. Even the old big wild boars are the targets of predation in the habitat of the Siberian tiger. It is only relatively difficult to prey on such wild boars.Bigger, do you agree?

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