Why do the blue veins on someone's hand bulge? Does more blue veins indicate poor health?

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We sometimes see some people have blue veins bulging on their hands, legs or other parts of the body, like a coiled snake, which affects the appearance. Some of these blue veins are obvious, even protruding the skin, which looks terrible, As if to burst out. In fact, these veins are not only as simple as affecting the beauty, but also may indicate a problem with your body.

What is Aojin

Green tendons are actually superficial venous blood vessels. When our blood vessels work normally, the carbon dioxide content is high, the blood is dark red, and the skin appears blue. People who are thinner and have less fat, skinWhite people and older people have more obvious blue tendons. The elderly have muscle atrophy and lack of elasticity in the skin. These are most likely to be normal physiological phenomena, not necessarily physical diseases. Some people have congenital vein walls that are thin and shallow.The surface veins will be more obvious.

Why do blue veins bulge

In addition to the normal dominant green tendons, it may be caused by varicose veins. Varicose veins are caused by blood stasis and weak vein walls, which lead to venous dilation, which is common in lower extremity varicose veins.

My mother and grandmother both worked in the hospital when they were young, working diligently and conscientiously all their lives. This profession requires standing for a long time and running back and forth. Over time, the legs of both of them have bulges, twists and turns.Phenomenon. Especially the grandmother is more serious, sometimes the leg swells up, and the hand will sink. They are all medical students, so they understand that this is not because of the deterioration of the body, but the varicose veins.

In addition to the abnormal raised tendons caused by varicose veins, it may also indicate other problems. For example, the raised tendons on the hands may be caused by coronary heart disease, digestive system diseases, etc.; the raised tendons on the head may be caused byDiabetes, thyroid disease, etc.; raised tendons on the feet may be caused by arthritis, etc.

Some daily seasonal changes can also cause bulging of the veins. In summer, the blood vessels of the body will relax; in winter, the changes of cold and hot will cause the bulge of the veins. Secondly, after strenuous exercisePeople find that the blood vessels are obvious because the body is supplying a lot of blood. In addition, pregnant mothers may also have bulging veins, because the baby’s venous pressure in the stomach increases, and the blood cannot flow back to the heart smoothly.resulting in.

What should I do if the blue tendons are raised

The bulge of green veins is often higher than the surface of the skin, and people often find it unsightly, especially women who care about the image, want to remove the bulge like a snake.

For normal bulging veins, you don’t actually need to be very concerned. After all, it will not affect your health. If you think it is really unsightly, the best way is to use makeup to deal with it. If it is caused by diseaseProtrusions, mild ones can be controlled and treated with drugs, and severe green tendons need to be treated by surgery. Regardless of the cause of the green tendons, it is best to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.The doctor will give you an accurate answer.

Is there a way to prevent and improve

If the green veins of the hand are raised, you can turn your wrists more, do stretching exercises, cross your hands and do wave exercises, stretch your fingers frequently to prevent the blood vessels in the hands from stiffening and promote blood circulation. Drink plenty of water and pay attention to moisturizing.You can use hand cream appropriately. If the blue veins on the legs are raised, it is mostly caused by sitting or standing for a long time. It is because you have maintained a posture for too long. Change a posture every other time, rest or exercisea bit.


For the bulge of the green veins on the body, it does not completely explain the body is poor. If it is a normal physiological phenomenon, don’t care. If the bulge is caused by the body's illness, as long as the active treatment, it will be controlled and will not be life-threatening.So you should always pay more attention to understanding your own body, treat all problems correctly, and don't feudal superstition.

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