Yang Yuhuan did not die, but went to Japan?

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There has always been such a story on the Internet saying that Yang Yuhuan did not die, but went to Japan, and even a Japanese named Yamaguchi Baihui jumped out to emphasize that he is the offspring of Concubine Yang. But is this really the case?Let’s first look at what happened in official history?

Natural beauty is hard to abandon, and once elected to the side of the king.

Yang Yuhuan was originally the concubine of Tang Xuanzong’s son, the longevity king Li Wei, with a smooth personality, rich posture, good at singing and dancing, and proficient in rhythm, and was deeply loved by Tang Xuanzong. Tang Xuanzong even took the world’s disrespect for her.A daughter-in-law forcibly married into the harem as a noble concubine.

The grace benefits the family, and Yang Yuhuan's cousin Yang Guozhong also flew into the sky with one of them, and served as prime minister. When Anlushan launched the Anshi Rebellion, he slogan "Qingjun's side", and this is Yang Guozhong.

"Zi Zhi Tong Jian" to Mawei Station, the soldiers were hungry and tired, and they were angry... They complained that there was no food, and the national loyalty was not in time. The sergeant shouted: "Guozhong and the Hulu rebelled!" Or shoot it, in the saddle.Guozhong walked to the west gate, the sergeant chased him down, slaughtered the branch, exposed his head outside the post gate with a gun, and killed his son Hubu Shi Lang Xuan, South Korea and Mrs. Qin Guo.

When Tang Xuanzong fled to Sichuan and reached Maweipo, the entourage of the imperial army was hungry because of rushing for many days, so he asked for food. At this time, Yang Guozhong, as the prime minister, did not do a good job of comforting the soldiers and directly angered the soldiers.

Furthermore, the soldiers thought of the slogan on the side of Qingjun in Anlu Mountain, so the complete collection of grievances about the suffering of the previous escape hit Yang Guozhong. With the anger brought about by hunger, the soldiers completely lost their rational thinking and believed that Yang Guozhong was the turmoil.The culprit. So he launched a mutiny to punish Yang Guozhong, and to vent his anger, the soldiers also mutilated Yang Guozhong's body, and Yang Guozhong's wife and children were also picked up and killed directly. The history is called the "Maweipo Mutiny".

Faced with the facts of the mutiny, Tang Xuanzong glanced at the weapons of the Forbidden Army, looked at the fresh blood on them, chose to acquiesce, and was prepared not to pursue the matter. However, the soldiers worried about Yang Yuhuan's revenge in the future, and shook the sword to demand Tang Xuanzong's punishment.Kill Yang Yuhuan.

"Zizhitongjian" Guozhong rebelled, no imperial concubine should not be enshrined, I hope your majesty will cut the grace.

To execute his lover, Tang Xuanzong was unwilling at first, and even gave Yang Yuhuan a good woman's character.

"Zi Zhi Tong Jian" said: "The imperial concubine often resides in the deep palace, and the country knows the country and the loyalty?"

But for the soldiers in the mutiny, whether Yang Yuhuan is involved in politics is really not important. What is important is her relationship with Yang Guozhong. The soldiers who killed Yang Guozhong and Yang Yuhuan are unsolvable enemies of killing brothers.

"Zhi Zhi Tong Jian" Gao Lishi said: "The imperial concubine is sincere and innocent, but the concubine will have killed the country's loyalty, and the imperial concubine is at your majesty's side, how dare you be at ease! May your majesty consider it, and the general will be at peace."

Live by yourself? Or Yang Yuhuan? Tang Xuanzong finally chose to sacrifice Yang Yuhuan, so he ordered Yang Yuhuan to be hanged and buried at Maweipo randomly.

Shang Nai ordered the magnate to attract the imperial concubine to the temple and hang her to kill.

According to legend, Tang Xuanzong once ordered to go to Maweipo to relocate Yang Yuhuan to bury Yang Yuhuan, but the corpse was missing. For this reason, Bai Juyi said in "Eternal Regret": "In the mud under Maweipo, there is no Yuyan empty dead place.".

Bai Juyi is a great poet, and his poem spread can cover the entire East Asian cultural circle. Therefore, more and more people believe that Yang Yuhuan is not dead from the point of "empty coffin". There are a large number of rumors claiming to be Yang Yuhuan hiding place.Yang Yuhuan went to Japan is one of the rumors.

The "Gunzhi" by the Japanese scholar Otsu-gun is currently the most mainstream view collection rumored by Yang Yuhuan to go to Japan. The book emphasizes that Yang Yuhuan was not hanged to death, and the constricted person was a maid in the palace. Yang Yuhuan himselfFled to Japan.

However, this statement of "Gunzhi" is not reliable. First of all, under the ancient navigation technology, China's failure rate in going to Japan is extremely high. The Tang Dynasty monk Jianzhen made it to Japan after making six trips to the east.Blind.

Furthermore, according to "Tongjian Zizhi" and "Old Tang Book·Volume 51·Biography of Yang Guifei", Yang Yuhuan's chance of survival is very subtle.

"Zi Zhi Tong Jian" Yu corpse is placed in the post court, and Xuan Li is called to see it.

After Tang Xuanzong killed Yang Yuhuan, he didn’t bury it quietly. The soldiers at the time were not stupid. They asked to check the body, so Tang Xuanzong placed Yang Yuhuan’s body in the post court and asked the soldiers to confirm whether it was genuine.Body. It is related to their own wealth and life, I think the soldiers take it very seriously.

"Old Tang Book·Volume 51·Biography of the Concubine Yang" The secret envoy of the upper emperor was reburied in his place. At first he was wrapped in a purple mattress, his skin was broken, but the sachet was still there.The sadness is to make the figure appear in the other hall, and look at it day and night.

Yang Yuhuan’s corpse did not disappear in the "Old Tang Book·Volume 51·Biography of the Concubine Yang". When Tang Xuanzong’s special envoy went for inspection, the corpse was indeed still there, but the skin was damaged. Later, the envoy deliberately took itTake the sachet to the side for business.

To sum up, based on the official history, Yang Yuhuan is really dead, there is a corpse, and there is an inspection... Yang Yuhuan's trip to Japan is just a guess and self-confidence by the folk history, which is a kind of "rumor."

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