The double eyelid genes of the Chinese are imported from other nationalities? The people with single eyelids are pure Han Chinese?

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Single eyelid talents are "pure Han Chinese"?

The female figures in the ancient murals are almost identical with single eyelids. Nowadays, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang you see in Xi'an are all single eyelids. If I say that these are just the result of painters and craftsmen rushing to work or being lazy, it is really far-fetched. So, is it now?The double eyelid genes of some Chinese are really imported from a certain ethnic group. Only those with single eyelids are pure Han Chinese?

Not to mention how many ethnic groups there are in the world, my country itself is a multi-ethnic country, but the Han population has the largest population. It seems that double eyelids and big eyes are more common in some ethnic minorities. However, some handed down works Portraits also cannot represent the whole picture. People in each period have their own aesthetics, and the population of the Han nationality has a large population base, so naturally there is a greater probability that there will be more people with single eyelids.

What determines whether a person is single eyelid or double eyelid?

From the perspective of biological genetics, whether a person’s eyelids are single or double will be determined by a pair of alleles that have a dominant recessive relationship, and single eyelids are recessive genes, and double eyelids are dominant genes. If weDefine the genes that determine the single or double eyelids as a and A, so specifically:

In a family, a father with a single eyelid has the aa gene, and a mother with a double eyelid may have the AA gene or the Aa gene as long as there is an A in the gene, it will be a double eyelid.

If the parents have their own children, then the AA gene mother and the aa gene father will generally give birth to double eyelid children, but if it is the combination of Aa gene mother and aa gene father, there may be aa gene single eyelidchild.

In short, as long as a person has double eyelid, he must have at least one double eyelid dominant gene, and a person with a single eyelid appearance must be a person with two single eyelid recessive genes. The recessive gene is only lacking in dominant genes.It will only be shown when the gene is.

Speaking so much, in fact, I just want to express one meaning: that is whether a person has single eyelid or double eyelid, which mainly depends on the parents' genes. Double eyelid parents are more likely to give birth to double eyelid children. If you want to have double eyelid children of all nationalitiesThe eyelid people found out that, in fact, the number of double eyelid people of the Han nationality must be more than that of all ethnic minorities combined, because the population base is there.

If you have an understanding of the origin of human beings, you should know that all people on the earth are descendants of the same ancestor, but they have shown differences in appearance characteristics due to various complex factors in the subsequent evolutionary process.

Any nationality and any skin color are descendants of Homo sapiens:

It is true that many people use data such as historical evolution and ethnic integration in the process of dynasty to demonstrate which ethnicity the double eyelids may be imported from, but this argument itself has loopholes, for example, ethnic minorities are also Chinese, and there is no importDouble eyelids say that genetic exchanges between different ethnic groups happen naturally. Of course, I also know that many people still cannot accept that the birthplace of humans is most likely to be Africa, and our ancestors, Homo sapiens, evolved from forest ancient apes.Coming.

Indeed, the theory of evolution is still a hypothesis so far, because it lacks some important fossil evidence for the transitional stage of human evolution, but this is more scientifically based than the "creation theory" that some people believe. Moreover, scientists have confirmed the earthIndeed, there have been other humanoid animals on Earth. They are Neanderthals who have had genetic exchanges with Homo ancestors. This is why Neanderthal genes can still be detected in everyone’s bodies today., It’s just that there are slight differences in the proportion of genes in the body of people of different skin colors and regions.

The theory of evolution has not been fully confirmed. You can indeed raise your own doubts, but genes and fossils do not lie. At least it is enough to show that humans not only have genetic exchanges between different ethnic groups, but have also occurred with other species of humans as early as the ancestors advanced.After genetic exchange, only the descendants of Homo sapiens are left to thrive on the earth. Looking at it this way, you can determine which ethnicity the Chinese double eyelids are from, or even which ethnicity of Neanderthals.Is it entered?

Although, in some periods of ancient my country, people from other countries visited, but at that time mainly stayed in cultural exchanges or trade circulation. Nowadays, our country is getting better and better , More and more foreigners have chosen to settle on our land, so we see more mixed races. In fact, from a genetic point of view, this kind of people of different races who originally lived in different regions Combining people makes it easier to pass on their own high-quality genes.

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