The man claimed to be from 2030, and presented evidence in the face of doubt. Does the time travel really exist?

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Time has three speeds: the future is long overdue, now flies like an arrow, but the past never moves.

Time is the most wonderful thing in the universe. Sunrise and sunset control the lives of ordinary people. At the same time, it is also a deeply fascinated existence by Newton, Einstein and other scientific experts. In the chaotic universe, time is like a clear stream., It is not coerced, unaffected, and never looks back in its direction.

We are like a group of naughty children, facing the uprightness of time, human beings are very curious, so we hope that time can also flow with the waves, the space dimension has two directions, so why can't the time dimension have two directions? The speed of timeWhy can't it be changed?

For example, Hawking has done an experiment to verify the "time shuttle". He held a banquet in advance, but the invitation was sent out the next day. Hawking hoped that he could invite "people from the future" at his banquet, but he was veryUnfortunately, the banquet that day was spent by Hawking himself, no one came to attend.

Self-proclaimed "Future Man" from 2030

In the Internet age, traffic is king. This future man who claims to be from "2030" appeared on the Internet for the first time in November 2017. Through the video content, we can see that this man calls himself Noah Noah because of the longParticipating in the government time travel program caused him to suffer from a serious illness. Although he seems to be in his 20s, he is actually in his early 50s.

To avoid retaliation, his voice has been processed, and the picture is also blocked by mosaic.

Because he wants more people to believe his statement, Noah made a lot of future last words, he claimed that these are all he has experienced. I will not talk about some natural disasters, such as floods, fires, and blizzards.Wait, it may happen every year. Noah mentioned two points that have been noticed by people. He said that Trump will be re-elected as the United States overall, followed by large-scale UFO sightings in 2020.

In addition, there will be the rapid development and rise of future driverless, electric vehicles and virtual reality technologies.

His talk really made many people who eat melons in front of the screen "limped". Before watching movies, remember this sentence, the highest state of deception is that in the end, I believe that what I said is true, And Noah is like that.

Later, in order to make everyone believe what he said, he also performed a polygraph in the video. He carried a polygraph to accept an interview with the host. Of course, as we expected, he talked freely in the video and facedThe lie detector was not afraid and nervous, and finally passed the polygraph test successfully.

Is Noah really a future man from 2030?

In fact, we can take a look at the specific purpose of his actions. No matter how seamless he said before, or did a lot of paving work, just look at his last step. Noah video releasedThe channel came alive after two or three times. At this time, they opened a dialogue consultation, which is a charging module.

When Noah is live streaming, you can ask questions. Every question needs to consume your money. It is said that many live Q&As make them earn a lot of money. Until now, many people still believe that Noah is talking about it.In fact, I think Noah is really a future man from 2030.

Does time travel really exist?

This problem is not only liked by ordinary people who eat melons, but many scientific experts have also invested time and energy to study the problem of time. The current mainstream view is that time is irreversible, but in theory it can be achieved through special

The most commonly heard of is "wormhole". It is not just a common vocabulary in science fiction works, but is really supported by scientific theories. After Einstein's general theory of relativity was proposed, he used it with his assistant RosenThe equation has studied space-time problems, and a special solution of the field equation supports the existence of a "wormhole", which is actually an Einstein-Rosen ring.

General relativity believes that space-time can be bent and is affected by the quality of objects. If two points in different times and different spaces have been linked together by a perfect space-time bending mechanism, then passing this link point means crossing time and space. But these positionsThe curvature of time and space is very large, and it is impossible to pass through safely. Unless it is a full circle in, it becomes an elementary particle and then flies out.


Time is still so "upright" and indomitable! It can be slower. In Einstein's theory of relativity, the speed of the object's motion and the size of the gravitational field can affect time, but it cannot make time turn around. With the development of science and technology,Many people look forward to the emergence of space-time shuttle technology in the future, but theoretically speaking, the possibility is very low.

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