Has the earth been carefully designed?

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When you wake up, there is only you in the huge city. You must be hard to accept the fact that you will look for other survivors in the next time. And we humans are now in such a confused and incomprehensible state.

Since the end of the 1920s, mankind has known for the first time the existence of extragalactic galaxies and the fact that the universe has expanded. In the 1990s, with the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, for the first time, we have seen the universe look dark and empty.Did a long-term exposure observation of the area;

Get the following photos:

This is Hubble's extreme deep field, with an exposure time of 23 days. As you can see in the picture above, each spot of light is a galaxy with a star coefficient of about 5500. This space area only occupies the entire sky area.1/32 million;

So we have made the most conservative estimate, thinking that the minimum number of star coefficients in the observable universe is 200 billion. Of course, the true number is much larger than this. It is not an exaggeration to say 20,000.

The vast ocean of the universe, the number of galaxy islands in it is amazing to humans, not to mention the number of stars and planets contained in these galaxies, it is so huge.

In such a large space, the matter is so rich, if someone tells you that there is only life on the earth, would you believe it? Not only you will not believe it, but the entire human race will not believe it.

But in fact, since the last century, we humans have been actively searching for extraterrestrial life. We have launched radio signals, hoping to get a response, and we have launched detectors hoping to find signs of life, but so far we have found nothing.

Some scientists even think that humans can’t find alien life. It may be because our technology is not advanced enough. This is understandable, but alien life should have found humans and visited the earth. It stands to reason that weIs now filled with a lot of extraterrestrial life.

Even the entire galaxy has been colonized by higher civilizations. Because the universe has a history of 13.8 billion years, there is time to develop more advanced interstellar civilizations

But what about the real situation? There is no alien life around us. So where did they go?

This is the famous "Fermi Paradox". Obviously, the theory that the existence of extraterrestrial life is contrary to the fact that no alien can be found.

In order to explain this problem, humans have also put forward a lot of theories, one of which is that: the solar system and the earth are too special in the universe. Humans can appear because the solar system and the earth itself are carefully designed;

In other parts of the universe, it is difficult to meet the harsh conditions for the birth of life.

So how special is the solar system and the earth?

First of all, our sun, it is a G-class star, such a star has a life span of about 12 billion years, and there is enough time to meet the needs of planetary life evolution;

It took us a full 4.5 billion years for human beings to appear. Those stars with greater mass in the universe have only hundreds of millions of years, or tens of millions of years, not enough to give birth to life.

Secondly, the distribution of planets in the solar system. There are four rocky planets inside and four gas giant planets outside. The arrangement is very regular. Among them, Jupiter provides guardianship for the inner rocky world. It can block many extrasolar asteroids from the earth.Threatened.

The last position of the earth is in the habitable zone of the sun 150 million kilometers. The radiation in this place is better, not too big or small. The sun’s coronal mass ejection, radio bursts, and flares all harm the earth.not very big.

Next is the particularity of the earth itself.

Its quality just guarantees a moderately thick atmosphere and provides the earth with a greenhouse effect. Coupled with a better distance from the sun, the average temperature of the earth is around 17 degrees Celsius, which is very suitable for the birth of life.

At the same time, the earth’s magnetic field, the ozone layer and the ionosphere in the upper atmosphere, they ensure that harmful charged particles, cosmic rays, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun cannot reach the ground and ensure the safety of life evolution.

The earth is like a garden of Eden that is wrapped and protected by layers of life. So we will think that the earth is very special, and it is very difficult to find such a right place in the universe;

It can also be said that the birth of mankind is an extremely accidental event. We should not expect to find another miracle like the earth in the universe.

So the real situation is like this? Is the earth really unique and special?

Since the 1990s, we humans have set out to search for extraterrestrial planets in the Milky Way, hoping to find earth-like objects that can satisfy life.

It is very rewarding. The Kepler telescope and the successor TISS telescope have discovered no less than 4,500 extraterrestrial planets, including Jupiter-like planets, super-earths like Uranus, and earth-like planets.planet.

Some of them orbit red dwarfs, some orbit sun-like stars, some are outside the habitable zone, and some are within the habitable zone. From this point of view, in fact, in the entire Milky Way, the environment like the Earth is also veryuniversal.

In 2020, NASA issued such a statement. We have estimated the number of sun-like stars in the Milky Way, and estimated the possible habitable planets in the sun-like stars;

It is conservatively believed that there are 300 million viable planets in the Milky Way alone. If optimistically, this number can soar to 3 billion.

So as far as our current understanding of extraterrestrial planets is concerned, we still support the view that extraterrestrial life exists universally. The earth is not the only part of the universe.

Then since there are so many livable worlds in the galaxy, why can't we find aliens, or aliens can't find us?

This question is really hard to come back to. Now and in the future, it will always plague humanity.

But a recently published paper believes that alien life is indeed very common, but most of them have been extinct, that is to say, the galaxy is full of dead alien civilizations.

The causes of extinction include resource depletion, environmental degradation, technological bottlenecks, and wars, etc.

The paper believes that civilization is indeed widespread, but it is difficult to escape the fate of extinction. This is why no aliens can be found.

If the paper is correct, some evidence found on the earth can also be explained.

For example, archaeologists found cave paintings more than 10,000 years ago in a cave in India. These paintings are painted in natural colors, showing the daily life between men and women in prehistoric civilization, hunting gatherings, animals, and entertainmentactivity.

We know that human beings are imaginative creatures, and their brains are very advanced in composition. They often draw what they see or add some associations.

This is not surprising, so we found artworks and murals in ancient sites of different cultures in various parts of the world.

But in addition to the normal murals, archaeologists also found some unexplainable paintings.

Some of the paintings show not only the characters in space suits, but also flying saucers. These flying saucers have sector antennas and three legs.

The character has no facial features, eyes and nose are not visible, and he holds something similar to a weapon in his hand.

If these murals are not faked, then the ancient humans must have seen something before they left this mural. Perhaps these evidences strongly indicate that since prehistoric times, creatures from other planets have been interacting with humans.

In addition to these murals found in India, archaeologists also found pictures of aliens on the rocks of Wyoming. There are more than 250 petroglyphs at this site, which clearly shows that humans and aliens in ancient times hadcontact.

An event that happened in modern history can be verified, the performance of human beings in the face of unknown civilization.

During World War II, the United States began to establish military bases on islands in the Pacific. One of them was called Melanesia Island. This island has been isolated from the rest of the world, and the inhabitants of the island lead a very primitive life.

When the U.S. military arrived in this place with its own planes and ships, the natives here were shocked looking at the big iron bird and the big iron ship, thinking that the U.S. army was sent by the gods, plus the U.S. army brought the islandsAll kinds of daily necessities and food came, so the indigenous people regarded it as a gift from God.

Of course, we also worship the U.S. military as a god. When the U.S. military drove away with its big bird, the residents of the island would use branches and leaves to build airplanes and bow down, hoping that one day God can bring themselves food again.

This is the real "goods worship" that happened in modern times. From this incident, we can imagine the situation of the ancients when facing alien civilizations, and they would worship them incomparably.

So the alien civilization may have been to the earth and had contact with the ancients. Perhaps during the critical period of human evolution, the alien civilization also gave mankind a key help.

These are all possible. As for why we can’t see aliens now. Maybe as stated in the paper, they are already extinct.

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