Thousands of tons of cumulonimbus clouds will not collapse. Will they fall if an adult lay on it?

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What happens when an adult lies on a cumulonimbus cloud weighing 10,000 tons?

First: Thunderstorm! Cumulonimbus cloud has another name, also called thunderstorm cloud. Lightning, strong wind sometimes even tornadoes and lightning strikes may occur simultaneously during thunderstorms, but the duration is not very long, usuallyIt will not take more than 2 hours. But, just think about it, who can afford such drastic changes?

Second: showers, snow showers or hail! Soon after the formation of thick cumulonimbus clouds, showers began to appear in the sky. I believe many people have witnessed such scenes. The formation of cumulonimbus clouds begins with air convection.Movement, it is this process of air activity that leads to adiabatic cooling, so that the water vapor condenses into cumulonimbus, dense cumulus and fragmentary cumulus after saturation.

Third: Falling! The height of the cumulonimbus cloud base is 400 to 1000 meters. The exact height is also related to the dryness and humidity of a certain area. For example, it can reach 4500 meters in winter in some cold regions.If people can lie on a cumulonimbus cloud and be safe, wouldn’t it be that if an airplane encounters an accident, it can search for cumulonimbus clouds nearby, and then land passengers on the cumulonimbus cloud covering a large area?

Obviously, the answer to this question is no. Although the cumulonimbus cloud is very bloated and large, and even heavy, once a person is lying on it, it changes and loses dependence and falls directly. This is directly related to the density of the twoIt’s just that before you fall, your clothes may get wet from the rain, and you may even experience several lightning strikes.

Why can cumulonimbus clouds cause natural disasters? What are the observation methods?

As mentioned at the beginning, once a cumulonimbus cloud is formed, it largely means that there will be thunderstorms or hail. Few people may know that the updraft inside the cumulonimbus cloud is very strong and the vertical speed is the fastestIt can reach 60 meters per second, which is faster than the wind speed of many typhoons. In addition, the volume of cumulonimbus is very large, so if the local water vapor supply is very abundant, it is likely to form heavy rain.Lightning is formed when its volume continues to expand, small water droplets increase enough, and the voltage in the cloud rises to a certain height.

In real life, many natural phenomena may cause natural disasters. Just as when a cumulonimbus cloud is formed, hail may cause a certain degree of damage to objects on the ground. Heavy rain may cause floods in the city for a short time, and strong winds may causeThe facade of the building is damaged, and lightning may cause fires. In fact, many forest fires are caused by thunderstorms, and mountain fires are one of the most difficult types of fires to extinguish.

Why do some people predict that it is about to rain when they look up at the sky? Of course, our understanding of the weather often depends on the weather forecast, but the cumulonimbus cloud can be regarded as a special kind of cloud, so,We can also use some easy-to-master methods to make observations. For example, judge based on the basic characteristics of cumulonimbus clouds, because cumulonimbus clouds look larger than ordinary dense cumulus clouds, not only the bottom is dark, but also the edge contoursIt's not that clear either.

How did the cumulonimbus cloud form?

From the appearance, cumulonimbus clouds are very spectacular, because they usually have thick and huge clouds. Clouds and clouds look like mountains towering high in the sky, but these mountains are the same as what we usually seeThe mountains are different. Compared with the dark chaos that the cumulonimbus arrives, I prefer the cloud top made of ice crystals, because the wispy structure is like white hair.

The formation of cumulonimbus clouds also requires several necessary conditions. First of all, there must be strong convective weather in the surrounding environment, because only a large amount of unstable energy can be stored in the unstable atmosphere.The unstable energy is subjected to a strong enough impact, then this impact force will release the unstable energy that has been stored in the atmosphere for a long time, and then it will be converted into the kinetic energy supplement required for air ascent.

Secondly, sufficient water vapor is the second element in the formation of cumulonimbus clouds. This principle is also easy to understand. If the surrounding space does not even have sufficient water vapor, then even if there is strong convection, it is impossible for thunderstorms to form.After all, sufficient water vapor is the prerequisite for thunderstorm formation, which is why thunderstorm clouds are more likely to appear in certain seasons or certain areas with abundant water vapor. This is jointly determined by the suddenness and locality of thunderstorms.

The last point is the impact force. I believe it is not difficult for everyone to understand this. If there is sufficient water vapor in the atmosphere and a large amount of unstable energy accumulates, the basic conditions for thunderstorm formation are met at this time. However, if there is noEnough impact force allows the air to rise to a suitable height, that is, the impact force required to raise the air to a free height above the level. Then, the unstable energy that has been accumulated for a long time cannot be really released, and the updraftIf it cannot be further developed, the final thunderstorm cloud cannot be formed.

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