The flood of tumbleweed invaded highways in the United States and flooded houses. Why is it difficult to grow up in my country?

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When mentioning the most troublesome plant for Americans, tumbleweed may be one of them. In fact, tumbleweed is not a kind of grass, but many different species, but the tumbleweed that floods in the United States is called thorny sandPeng, also known as Russian thistle.

Tumbleweed is not a native American plant, but an invasive species. At first, it may have been mixed with flax seeds imported from Russia and sown to South Dakota in the United States with these flax plantings.

When the tumbleweed just germinates, it does not grow well. It looks as harmless to humans and animals as other small grasses. However, when it grows up, there will be many spikes on its body to protect them from being taken by other herbivores.Food. On the other hand, tumbleweed does not require bee pollination, they will directly sow pollen into the air, pollinating with the flow of air, which makes people allergic to pollen or people with asthma feel uncomfortable.

The seeds of tumbleweed are located in the center of the thorn, and the seeds do not have any nutrients, so that birds and orcs are unwilling to help them spread. But they have their own way, that is, the bottom of their plants is made of special cellsThe layer composition makes them very easy to break. When the wind blows gently, their roots will break in the soil, and the entire plant will roll around with the wind, hence the name "tumbleweed".

During the rolling process, the tumbleweed will continue to sow the seeds to the places it passes by. On average, a tumbleweed can carry 250,000 seeds. These seeds are covered with dense fluff, making it difficult to adjust the seeds themselves. But when they continue to roll, the force generated by the collision will cause these seeds to fall along the way. In this way, after a tumbleweed rolls over, not only will there be a large number of tumbleweed young plants in the coming year, but also the distribution distance of these young plantsVery far.

In addition, there are no natural enemies of tumbleweeds in the local area, and cattle, sheep and other livestock cannot completely eliminate them. Therefore, in just a few years, tumbleweeds will be flooded in the local area. So if there is a strong wind in the local night, Then the residents of the town cannot go out during the day because the tumbleweed has blocked the door tightly.

The harm of tumbleweed

In the past, we would think that the hazards of tumbleweed were direct hazards such as harming agriculture, blocking traffic, and submerging small towns. However, in recent years, it has been discovered that the process of tumbleweed from growth to death is harmful to local production.harm.

First of all, tumbleweed likes to live on both sides of roads, cultivated land and places with sparse natural vegetation. But this also brings new problems, that is, when tumbleweed rolls, it will raise dust and make the soil under the soilWater evaporates more quickly, so the western United States begins to become dry.

In addition, during the rolling process of the dry tumbleweeds, if they encounter a little fire source, they may turn into fireballs. When the fireballs are rolling, they may ignite other tumbleweeds around, so thatInto a large fire.

The existence of tumbleweed will also cause the rapid expansion of other harmful insects in the local area. Some insects lay their eggs on the tumbleweed, or they themselves take the tumbleweed express and quickly move around the world following the tumbleweed, And this is also very detrimental to American agricultural production.

Destroy Tumbleweed

Although tumbleweed has so many hazards, it is difficult for local people to cut the grass and roots. Because tumbleweed not only has no natural enemies in the local area, but it also reproduces very easily.

Although tumbleweed is sexually reproductive, they can self-pollinate, which means that as long as one tumbleweed is not wiped out, 250,000 tumbleweed seedlings may emerge in the coming year.

In order to eliminate them, the U.S. Department of Agriculture once hoped to introduce viruses that can infect tumbleweeds, but these viruses have not been applied yet because there is no guarantee that these viruses will infect other local plants, so these viruses are being isolatedIn the case, it was sent to the USDA laboratory.

In the laboratory, experts will test whether these viruses only infect tumbleweeds and will not harm other plants, especially other local plants. If this virus can be developed, the locals can suppress the number of tumbleweeds, To reduce the harm and negative impact of the tumbleweed flooding on the local area.


When it comes to tumbleweeds, many people think that the reason why tumbleweeds cannot be flooded in our country is because of "food-eating". In fact, this argument is too unscientific. The United States has also developed the eating method of tumbleweed, but it is still uncontrollable.The flood of tumbleweed.

The reason why our country’s tumbleweeds are not flooded is because there are their natural enemies in the local area. Some fungi and insects will feed on them and can control their numbers.

Actually, our country is also a country that is invaded by foreign organisms. For example, crayfish are also flooded in Yunnan, but because wild crayfish have less meat and their living environment is not fixed, they are easy to accumulate heavy metals.The cost of lobster is relatively high, so our country's crayfish is still mainly farmed.

It can be seen from this that in the method of stopping biological invasion, the power of "foodies" is very limited.

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