How stupid is the "silly roe deer" of the northeast beast? Why is it so stupid that it is not extinct?

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In the Northeast, every child has heard of roe deer as a child. The word "silly roe deer" is actually a northeastern dialect. It describes a person who is stupid, low in IQ, and lack of heart.In a petting tone, it’s not really swearing. But Northeastern people rarely see this kind of animal in person. When I was very young, I went to the Northeast countryside and heard from the adults that I went to fight roe deer, and I stewed it when I came back.For everyone to eat, the meat is a little bit of firewood and it’s not delicious, and I haven’t seen what a roe deer looks like with my own eyes, so how stupid is a roe deer?

What is a silly roe deer

Roe deer is a small and medium-sized deer with a body length of about 1-1.3 meters and a weight of about 15-30 kg. It has short horns, round ears, a long neck, a short tail, and a long buttocks.It has white hair and looks cute overall. The male roe deer has horns on their heads, while the females do not. The winter in the northeast is very cold, and a male and his family are often hugged to keep warm. They are in July and August each year.Mating, after 8 months of pregnancy, the cubs are guaranteed to be born in the warm spring season of the second year, with only 1-2 cubs per litter. The average life span of wild roe deer is about 11 years.

Roe deer is a herbivore that likes to eat leaves, sprouts, berries, etc. It is common in the forest areas of Northeast, Northwest, Inner Mongolia and other places in my country. The horn of roe deer is a traditional Chinese medicinal material, which has strong heart and lungs , Invigorating the spleen and warming the stomach. Because of its high economic value, it has been included in China's "Nationally Protected List of Terrestrial Wild Animals with Important Economic and Scientific Values" in 2000.

Is the silly roe deer really stupid?

The silly roe deer is our kind name for it, in fact, the roe deer is not stupid, but the reflection arc is a bit long and the reaction is a bit slow, so it is not extinct. It is really a miracle.

Encounter novel things

Roe deer is very curious. When he encounters something he hasn’t seen before, he will stop and observe carefully, and may even call his companions to observe. If people make a new type of trap, he will keep watching forever.If people take advantage of this feature, they won’t be accurate.


When a roe deer encounters danger, it reacts the same as other animals. He raises his head and puts his ears up to observe the surroundings. Only when he finds that there is a real danger, he will run. If he runs every time there is a little movement, wouldn’t it be exhausted?When food is scarce, it is especially important to save energy. The difference is that the white hair on its buttocks will explode first, and then run away. The white hair can confuse the enemy in the snow, or instruct the cub to follow him to escape.When encountering its natural enemies, wolves, leopards, lynxes, etc., they will flee first, and the natural enemies will not chase them after a quick pursuit. The roe deer will immediately stop and look back.

See the lights

If you see car lights, they will come over because of curiosity. Curiosity makes the roe deer not afraid of being hit by a car, and they have to see what happens. Maybe the light has a special attraction to it, take a flashlightAccording to photos, it may find you by itself looking for lights.

Dodge method

When a silly roe deer is chased to the point of being unable to retreat, and forced to be helpless, he will do a stupid thing, bury his head in the snow, just like an ostrich bury his head in the sand. Thinking I can’t see the enemy, The enemy will not see me.

If a roe deer is scared off by a hunter and is not hit, it will turn its head to see what happened, and other companions may still watch from afar. The silly roe deer is such a stupid, cute creature,Curiosity makes it so cute. Sometimes they are reluctant to give up the food or shelter they have finally found before returning, and often lose their lives.


Now that the wild silly roe deer has been protected by the state, I hope people will not use its silly characteristics to hunt it down. It is also illegal to do so. Don’t hurt this cute by coveting temporary appetitesAnimals. The Northeast is incomplete without the silly roe deer. Let us protect nature and the silly roe deer.

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