What did Qianlong eat when he went to Jiangnan?

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For a while, restaurants in many places launched some dishes, titled "Qianlong Yushan", which was said to be an imperial meal eaten by Emperor Qianlong when he went to the south of the Yangtze River. From the perspective of the merchants, this is actually nothing wrong.The "Qianlong imperial meal" launched by the merchants is far from the real Qianlong imperial meal, which makes people a little bit ridiculous.

What did Qianlong eat when he went to Jiangnan?

Note: The picture in this article is a tour of Emperor Qianlong to the south

How do we know what Qianlong ate under Jiangnan?

According to incomplete statistics, the number of foods currently known as Qianlong Imperial Cuisine in my country is as high as four figures. Simply think about it, there must be a lot of dishes in it that are forcing the heat of Qianlong.

Which dishes did Qianlong eat? Which ones did Qianlong never eat?

Someone will certainly ask, how do you know what Qianlong ate and didn’t eat? Is it possible that the book also wrote what Qianlong ate every meal?

You’re really right. In the Qianlong period, the House of Internal Affairs recruited a group of pen-post styles officials who copied documents to record Qianlong’s daily diet. After the writing, it was sealed and kept on file. In these files, nothing happened.It records in detail what Qianlong ate, which chef wrote the food, where to eat, who to eat with, etc.

These files include "Jianlong Thirty Years of Qianlong's Seasonal Food Base File", "Qianlong Forty-five Years' Seasonal Food Base File", "Qianlong Forty-nine Years' Seasonal Food Base File", etc.

They were originally hidden in the inner courtyard of the deep palace, without seeing the sky. In 1924, that is, ten or two years after the Revolution of 1911, Puyi was expelled from the Qing palace, and a large number of Ming and Qing court archives were made public. Today, these files are kept inChina's First Historical Archives has already been photocopied and published, which is also the main source of historical materials for this article.

So, what did Lord Qianlong eat when he went south to Jiangnan?

Qianlong once went to the south of the Yangtze River six times. This was not made up of "Returning Pearl Gege". They were the 16th year of Qianlong 1751, the 22nd year of Qianlong 1757, the 27th year of Qianlong 1762, and the third year of Qianlong.Ten years 1765, Forty-five years of Qianlong 1780 and Forty-nine years of Qianlong 1784.

Let's focus on the imperial food in the 30th year of Qianlong, because the information in this year is relatively rich.

This year, Lord Qianlong set off on the 16th day of the first lunar month and arrived in Yangzhou on February 15th, living in the palace of Tianning Temple.

At the moment of Mao on the 15th, at 5:15 in the morning, Lord Qianlong got up, and the servant on the side hurriedly brought a bowl of stewed bird's nest with rock sugar to start the appetizer for Lord Qianlong. Then we started to eat breakfast. The recipe is as follows:

"Stir-fried chicken home cooking chowder hot pot, bird's nest duck shreds, lamb slices, steamed duck paste pork dumplings, spoon pastry red cake, bamboo joint roll small steamed buns, spring bamboo shoots fried pork——"Jianlong 30th Years of Qianlong's Jiangnan Festival Food Bottom File"

In addition, Suzhou Weaving Pufu presented the following food:

One piece of duck, one piece of stewed pork, one piece of bird's nest chicken shreds, one piece of green bamboo shoot chicken, one piece of fried duck stuffing, one piece of silver sunflower box side dish, 4 pieces of silver plate side dish.——《"Jianlong Thirty Years of Qianlong's Jiangnan Festival Second Food Base File"

Qianlong finished eating Dragon Heart Joy and enjoyed the weaving chefs Zhang Yuan, Song Yuan and Zhang Dongguan, each with one or two heavy silver and two naked.

Obviously, this is an "unpretentious" breakfast, with only 14 delicious dishes.

By the way, Lord Qianlong has not yet arrived in the south of the Yangtze River. The place for breakfast this time is on the boat.

The food on the boat is already so "unpretentious", what kind of food can you enjoy when Qianlong officially starts to visit Jiangnan?

This is undoubtedly quite curious.

Qian Longye arrived in Yangzhou on the afternoon of February 15th, having dinner at Chongjiawan Daying Wharf, and staying at the Tianning Temple Palace in the evening.

February 17th can be regarded as the official beginning of Qianlong's life in Yangzhou. On this morning, Qianlong got up at 4:45 three quarters at Yin time. In fact, it was not that Qianlong didn't want to sleep late.The ancestors had the rules.

The minion next to him saw that the emperor got up and gave him a bowl of rock sugar stewed bird's nest as an appetizer. Qianlong had a soft spot for this rock sugar stewed bird's nest, and he would eat it almost every day.

Later, at seven o'clock early Chen Shi, Qianlong moved to Jiufeng Garden for breakfast. The recipe is as follows:

"A hot pot of duck and boiled tofu, a bird's nest fire-smoked fattened chicken, a plate of mutton and char siu and lamb liver, and a first steamed bun with bamboo joints.-"The 30th Year of Qianlong Jiangnan Festival"The bottom of the meal ""

In addition, Gao Heng sent food as follows

"Crispy chicken, 1 product, bird's nest, 1 product, crystal elbow, 1 product, chicken cake, 1 product, rolled chengsha buns, 1 product of silver sunflower box side dishes, 4 dishes of silver plate side dishes.-"Thirty years of Qianlong JiangnanFestival meal bottom file ""

Looking at it this way, Lord Qianlong has only 12 dishes with a meal and dessert. Although there is a roasted whole lamb, it is actually not that exaggerated.

There are also five kinds of side dishes, but the side dishes are separately recorded in the "Into the bottom of small dishes".

After having breakfast, Lord Qianlong rewarded the queen with a portion of boiled tofu, giving the imperial concubine a fat chicken, the Qing concubine a bad duck, and Rong Bi a plate of meat.

Every time Qianlong finished his meal, he would reward the cook or the people around him. This is also recorded in the bottom file.

Interestingly, on the original document on February 18th of the 30th year of Qianlong reap, there are obvious traces of alteration in the three characters "Reward and Royal Concubine". After this trace of alteration was discovered by the majority of netizens, it became crazyBrainstorming, harem situation.

But the actual situation is that this day the queen angered Qianlong, so Qianlong sent the queen back with a big wave. But the copywriter in charge of the record got it right, so he wrote a queen first, and then changed it to an order.Concubine.

Many TV dramas have a special book about this day. For example, in "Returning the Pearl", the queen was beaten into the cold palace by Qianlong.

Returning to Qianlong’s diet, not a moment 2:15 in the afternoon, Qianlong went to the Tianning Temple Palace Garden for dinner, first Fulongan the horse and the war department, the Ministry of Industry Shangshu offered milk tea, and then went to the garden to openFor dinner, the evening menu is as follows:

One product of duck soup, one product of stewed checkerboard meat with bamboo shoots, one product of fried pork with pucai, one product of stir-fried chicken with spring bamboo shoots, one product of sous-made chicken pork knuckle, one product of white noodle silk cake and minced rice noodle cake, one product of Xiangyan chess cake small steamed bread, Duck fire smoked fried sticky dumpling, Gao Hengjin chicken meatballs, lotus seed sakura peach meat, duck waist and soy sauce, bird's nest fat duck, silver sunflower box side dishes, silver plate side dishes, 4 dishes, free japonica riceOne product for food, one product for bird’s nest soup

Qianlong: Another busy day with food and support

What can we see from this Yuzhuang bottom stall?

First of all, since Lord Qianlong has eaten a lot of dishes every day, it is not groundless that there are so many dishes that bear the name of Qianlong imperial food.

However, it is worth noting that first, Qianlong did not eat street food. Second, as a northerner, Qianlong does not seem to like seafood.

Therefore, most of these two kinds of delicacies come to catch the heat under the name of Qianlong Imperial Cuisine.

In addition, we can also understand some knowledge of the Qing Dynasty. For example, Qianlong actually only ate two meals a day. Breakfast was at Mao's hour six or seven o'clock, and dinner was at midnight two o'clock in the afternoon. He was hungry at night.You can eat whatever you like, and there will be no special seats.

Moreover, the Qing Palace is divided into meals. Qianlong eats Qianlong's food, and the queen eats the queen. When Qianlong finishes eating, he will give the remaining rewards to the queen and others.

In general, the biggest gain of this article is that when someone pokes you "beggars don’t know the emperor’s life and feels that the emperor is begging with a golden bowl" chicken soup, you can answer with a loud voice.

"I know what the emperor eats!"

Author: Jun pending correction / editing: Lilith

Reference material:

[1] "The Imperial Diet of the Qing Palace" The First Historical Archives of China

[2] "A Brief Analysis of Qianlong's Jiangnan Imperial Meal List" by Qiu Pangtong

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