The community group buying is on fire, do you still need a vegetable market?

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A while ago, the community group bought vegetables. You don’t need to go out, you can buy vegetables on your mobile phone at home, and it’s cheaper.

On this matter, there are many controversies.

Some people say that only old people go to the vegetable market now. This is a good way. Some people say that in the long run, the small vendors will lose their jobs? They even assert that the vegetable market will eventually disappear.

To some extent, this is a change in business model and a change in lifestyle.

In the ever-changing present, it seems that nothing can be accurately predicted. I can't help but ask: Do you think the vegetable market will disappear? Without the vegetable market, will our lives change?

Picture|Song Youqing

Vegetable market, connecting people and life

Perhaps, before answering the question, we must first understand what does the vegetable market mean to us?

A netizen said that his parents bought the house upstairs in the vegetable market, and they started making noise at four or five o’clock every day. He was upset by hearing, but his parents were content to say: "How good is it, you can buy vegetables downstairs." The vegetable marketFor them, it is a must-go place every day, convenient for time-saving, fresh ingredients and neighborhoods.

Gourmet Chen Xiaoqing said: "The best way to understand a city is to see its vegetable market." The historical sites are the facades, but the vegetable market is the inner part of a city, hiding the real life of the locals. Three religions and nine streams, folk customs, All in it.

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Picture 2|Auntie with the same wind

Gu Long once said that absolutely no one would commit suicide in the vegetable market. "Because these smells and sounds are vivid and vivid, full of vitality!" For some people, the vegetable market meansThe power to heal loneliness.

In the vegetable market, the muddy smell of green vegetables, the fishy smell of seafood, and the aroma of roasted meat are mixed; it resounds in people’s dialects, all kinds of talk, bargaining, yelling...

Picture 2|Haha's rhino jio

However, when we place an order with a mobile app or small program, there is no way to have the sense of smell, taste, hearing, especially touch.

An old saying goes: "Are near Zhu is red, near Mo is black." The environment you are in, everything you like, has shaped you. The vegetable market in your hometown has the taste of nostalgic tongue. The vegetable market you often go to,There are stalls and smells we are familiar with.

The vegetable market connects us with people, the real environment, and the lively life.

Picture|A lot of success, little little little

The fascinating vegetable market is because of people

"Urban Sociology" says that people have a nature called "people go to people", where there are more people, the more they will attract others, even if they don’t help at all, they are willing to look in a spaceWhat others are doing. To put it simply, it is popularity.

Liang Wendao said: "In many local vegetable markets, I can meet people from all walks of life in this society."

There are countless reasons for the vegetable market, but in the final analysis, there are people and people there.

Picture|A lot of success, little little little

In a foreign country, if I heard the local accent when I was shopping for vegetables, I would get used to that one. Sometimes it’s because there will be local customs for sale, sometimes just to find a chance to say a few words in the local dialect.

Wandering in the vegetable market is also a kind of fun. Listening to the bargaining, people in the world have their own ways. Compared with the online language in the mobile phone, the words in the vegetable market are simpler and more vigorous.

However, today we are less and less good at dealing with people, especially the younger generation, sometimes we have to use WeChat to chat face to face.

The gradual decline of the vegetable market also vaguely reveals the truth that we are less and less able to deal with people.

The vegetable market can disappear and the ability to love life cannot be lost

There is a group on Douban called "Vegetable Market Lovers". Netizens will share their photos of the vegetable market on it.

Some people like the vegetable market near their home, where the vegetables are crowded together, the sweet potatoes are piled up into a hill, and the fresh sea fish are crowded to buy. Every time someone goes to travel, they will take pictures of the vegetable market, cherry red,Purple broccoli, yellow pumpkin...Each one is vivid and fragrant.

During the epidemic this year, people can't go out. Many people go shopping in the cloud above, watching previous photos to relieve their greed. Some people say that when you are in a bad mood, you will be hungry after "walking around", but your heart is full.

Wang Zengqi said: "I would rather go to the vegetable market and watch the raw chickens and ducks, fresh fish and vegetables, green cucumbers, red peppers, lively and crowded, making people feel a sense of life.pleasure."

This joy of life is not a kind of ability to love life? No matter when, there is always a heart that embraces and yearns for those beautiful, warm, pyrotechnics.

It is not necessary to go to the vegetable market, it can also be to cook a delicious meal, stroll around the streets and alleys, sit under a tree and bask in the winter sun...all full of love for life.

Will the vegetable market disappear, only time can tell. But the love of life is everyone’s choice.

The vegetable market, maybe one day it will fade into a memory.

However, life will always move forward and the days will never cease. As long as the love remains unchanged, we will not lose the ability to live a good life.


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