Why are betel nuts called "life-threatening snacks"?

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Betel nut, even if you haven't eaten it, I believe you have heard of it. According to statistics, there are about 60 million people eating betel nut in the country. Among them, Hainan, Hunan and Taiwan are the main areas of betel nut consumption.

The ancients discovered the medicinal value of betel nut a long time ago. According to the Food and Drug Administration, there are more than 200 kinds of medicine in China. Betel nut is found in more than 200 kinds of medicine in my country. In addition to its medicinal value, the ancients started chewing betel nut very early and used betel nut as For snacks, Emperor Qianlong and Emperor Jiaqing liked to eat betel nuts.

Although betel nut has a refreshing effect, the medical community has found through long-term research that betel nut is directly related to the incidence of oral cancer. The International Cancer Research Center of the World Health Organization has long listed betel nut as a first-class carcinogen, likeAflatoxin is a first-degree carcinogen.

The betel nut you eat is the betel nut fruit on the betel nut tree. Betel nut is a primary palm plant, originated in Malaysia, and is now widely cultivated in tropical Asia. The main producing areas of my country are Hainan, Yunnan, Taiwan and other places. The local economy has made a lot of contributions. The green betel nut is cored and sliced, processed and dried to make the betel nut that everyone eats.

This kind of snack that many people like to eat is really a life-threatening snack. Betel nut residue is a kind of crude fiber. It requires a lot of force when chewing, and it is easy to scratch the oral mucosa. Medical research shows that frequent chewing of betel nut will degrade the gums.Damage to the teeth, the teeth become red and black, produce oral ulcers, over time, oral submucosal fibrosis, more serious, cause oral cancer. This really needs everyone's attention.

The country with the largest betel nut consumption in the world is India, and the country's oral cancer incidence rate ranks first in the world. Not only India, but all countries and regions where betel nut chewing is popular, the incidence of oral cancer ranks among the top. According to the survey,In Papua New Guinea, about one out of every 500 people in the area suffers from oral cancer.

Betel nut is like cigarettes, which can make people excited and addictive. Betel nut contains a variety of alkaloids, mainly arecoline and arecoline. They are like nicotine nicotine in cigarettes, and it is these alkaloids that enterIn the human body, it stimulates the body’s endocrine, which makes the human body become excited and addicted. Betel nut is carcinogenic because of the alkaloids contained in it.

Opium contains more alkaloids than betel nut, mainly containing cocaine, morphine, thebaine and papaverine. These things have great medicinal value, but they are used in the wrong place. Betel nut is a traditional Chinese medicine.Opium is also a traditional Chinese medicine, but improper use can cause harm to the human body. Betel nut can also be called a "soft drug".

Health is your own, chewing betel nut will not harm others, but second-hand smoke will harm others, so although long-term consumption of betel nut is easy to cause cancer, the management of betel nut is not as strict as cigarettes.

Actually, betel nuts should be like cigarettes, with warning slogans printed on the eye-catching position of the package, such as "long-term consumption of betel nuts is harmful to oral health" instead of the ad slogan "chewy and not wound", so as not to make people who do not know the truth joinBetel nut chewing army. In India, where betel nut is popular, because of the huge hazard to public health, betel nut that is commercially produced and sold has been required to bear a prominent warning label.

Although consuming betel nut once or twice has little effect on health, for your health, please stay away from betel nut as much as possible.

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