Is there a sound when the electromagnetic gun is fired? Some people say that a warship can be destroyed silently, is it true?

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  • First, let's understand what an electromagnetic gun is.

The electromagnetic gun is also a "cannon". Unlike conventional artillery, its launch power is not gunpowder, but electromagnetism. We all know that conventional artillery fires by firing the gunpowder and relying on the huge expansion of gas erupted by the gunpowder.Force, push the projectile out of the muzzle, fly to the target, and through the impact, ignite the explosive loaded in the warhead, which bursts out with great power, causing damage to enemy facilities and personnel.

The electromagnetic gun uses the ampere force generated by the electromagnetic field in the electromagnetic system to accelerate the metal projectile and fly to the target. Therefore, in principle, the difference between the traditional artillery and the electromagnetic gun is only the firing method. So what is the difference between the warhead?Compared with cannons fired by traditional gunpowder, electromagnetic guns have greatly improved thrust, speed, and range. Therefore, electromagnetic shells are also different from artillery shells. The main difference is that they do not charge and use solid warheads.

The structure of electromagnetic gun is generally composed of three parts, namely energy, accelerator, switch. Energy is the device that stores energy electricity and provides power for the shells. This device currently mainly includes unipolar generators, battery packs, and magnetic flux.Compression, etc., from the perspective of development prospects, unipolar generators are likely to be the main energy source for electromagnetic guns in the future; accelerators are devices that convert electromagnetic force into projectile kinetic energy and allow the projectiles to be launched at high speed. There are currently two main methods: one isThe railgun accelerator powered by a low-voltage DC unipolar generator is a coaxial synchrotron with a discrete or continuous coil structure; the switch is a device that connects the energy source and the accelerator, which can introduce huge energy into it in a very short time a few millisecondsaccelerator.

  • Electromagnetic guns are not scary, but more powerful than artillery.

There are two main points of its power, one is that the speed is faster than traditional artillery. Conventional artillery speed is generally around 1000m/s, while electromagnetic guns can reach Mach 7 or more, that is, the speed of sound is more than 7 times, reaching 2500 per second.Meters; the second is the long range, up to 200km, which is more than 10 times that of conventional artillery.

Moreover, electromagnetic guns have many advantages. The main ones are: safer. Because warships no longer need to load shells with gunpowder when sailing, it will be safer both in storage and in use; more warheads are loaded.Because the projectile has no charge, the reduced ammunition weight and safety interval, the ammunition load can reach 10 times that of the artillery ammunition; the stability is good. The electromagnetic thrust is more balanced and stable than the gunpowder thrust, so the stability of the projectile is better when it is fired., The accuracy is higher.

In addition, it also has the advantages of good concealment, more convenient operation, and low launch cost. The specific performance is: there is no gunpowder explosion when the electromagnetic gun is launched, and the flame smoke and sound are much smaller than that of the artillery, so it is more concealed;Electromagnetic guns can easily adjust the launch energy, which can better control the speed and range of the gun’s ejection chamber; it costs 10 US dollars to produce 1 joule of energy from the artillery launch, and only 0.1 US dollars for the electromagnetic gun.

  • Since the electromagnetic gun is still a "cannon", it will not be silent.

The sound of the electromagnetic gun is just that there is no explosive sound when the artillery is fired, and the relative sound is much smaller. But because the electromagnetic gun is very fast out of the chamber, it forms a sharp compression of the air, so the explosion sound is still there, and it is in the airThe sound of the friction between the flight and the air is louder and the temperature is higher than that of a cannonball.

Due to its relatively fast speed, electromagnetic guns generally do not charge. They mainly rely on the gravitational strike of solid projectiles, which means that the explosive force of explosives is replaced by rapid impact energy. Although the warhead has no charge, the explosion caused by the kinetic energy of hitting the targetThe sound is still very loud, so when it hits a warship, it cannot be silent.

Electromagnetic projectiles are generally solid metal projectiles, and the kinetic energy strike force should not be underestimated. Some people have calculated that if the initial velocity of the future electromagnetic projectile reaches Mach 15 or more, after reaching the highest point of the ballistic, then dive with the help of gravitational acceleration, it can reach 20~Strike the target at Mach 25, landing like the energy of a meteorite impact, a 100kg shell can destroy any solid object within a range of 1000 square meters.

However, the current electromagnetic gun speed and the mass of the shells are not that great. According to the US military, the tested electromagnetic shells are 23 pounds 10.43kg and the speed is more than 7 Mach, so even if this kind of shell hits one shipA warship, even a very small warship, as long as it can be called a warship, can’t be completely destroyed, unless it hits a vital point or hits the ammunition depot, the warship will self-destruct in the explosion. But there will be a huge impact and sound.The air is bursting, it is impossible to be silent.

  • Development status and prospects of electromagnetic gun.

The idea of ​​electromagnetic artillery was proposed very early. In the early 20th century, some people proposed the idea of ​​using Lorentz force to launch artillery shells. The so-called Lorentz force is the force of the magnetic field on the moving charges. During World War II, France, Germany, and JapanThey have all studied electromagnetic guns. After World War II, many countries have begun to study.

In the early 1970s, Australia built the first electromagnetic launcher, which accelerated a 3-gram plastic "cannonball" to 6000m/s. Since then, Australian and American scientists have created different types of energy sources, such asUnipolar generators or magnetic flux compressors, etc., and the main customer’s key technology is the miniaturization of power supplies. In 1992, the US electromagnetic gun moved from the laboratory to the shooting range; in 2010, the U.S. Navy’s electromagnetic gun was tested at Mach 5The speed hit the 200km target; in 2014, the U.S. Department of Defense threatened to push the electromagnetic gun for naval testing in 2016.

  • China took the lead in conducting maritime trials of warships.

China's electromagnetic artillery research has been kept low-key and unknown. On November 20, 2013, the sky was suddenly broken. In the newly published "Simplified Defense Weekly", a report published several pictures, showing an artillery in the northwest of Baotou City, China.In the test center, there are two artillery pieces, 26 meters long and 33.5 meters long. The concrete base in it was shown in the WeChat image in 2010, and there are now a series of target-like objects in front of the gun. Therefore, military fans guess., This is a test for the penetration of high-speed artillery shells, and this high-speed artillery shell is probably an electromagnetic gun.

In February 2018, some netizens discovered that a new cannon was installed on a Chinese landing ship No. 936, which looked like an electromagnetic gun. This shocked the domestic military fans because the electromagnetic gun was tested on the ship.It is the only one in the world. Even the United States, which was the first to experiment with electromagnetic guns at the shooting range, had not yet tested it on warships. This shows that China has a tendency for latecomers to take the lead.

However, some studies believe that electromagnetic guns still have many problems to be solved. To truly advance the deployment of the army, there are many difficulties to overcome. The most important one is the energy problem. Electromagnetic guns need to be driven by huge energy, and it is not enough to rely on warships to generate electricity.It is difficult to achieve continuous launch. The United States launched two consecutive launches within 24 seconds in 2017. It seems that a breakthrough has been made, but there is still a gap between the actual combat requirements.

Some studies believe that electromagnetic guns will eventually replace artillery as the world’s main military weapon, and its future electromagnetic launch method is still promising in the aerospace field. Speaking of this today, the code word is not easy, please give your attention and praiseOkay, thank you. Welcome to discuss, thanks for reading.

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