Maybe the octopus is really not an earth creature?

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On the earth, the scale of biological populations is very large. Every kind of creature can be said to have a unique point. At the same time, all creatures are the basis for the "biosphere" to maintain the balance of the ecosystem. However, there is one kind of creature that makes everyone very surprised.Some people even say that if the creature does not exist, it must be the "overlord" of the earth, that is to say, it can rule the earth. Their IQ is so high that humans cannot understand it, and in some cases, it may even exceed the limit of human thinking..

So the existence of this kind of creature is difficult for humans to understand, and it is impossible to fundamentally analyze why it is so powerful. Some people even say that this species is no longer a population of earth creatures, but an extraterrestrial life., Some people even say that octopuses are the remains of aliens. Is there such a possibility?


Octopus is a kind of mollusk on the earth. Nowadays, it can be said that many people love to "predator". The creature is very rich in meat and its whole body is "soft". Apart from the internal organs, there may be nothingThe place can’t be eaten anymore. Generally speaking, the octopus’s head and carcass are about 7-9.5 cm, with large compound eyes and 8 retractable wrists. Each wrist has two rows of fleshy suckers. The length of the wrist of the short octopus is about12 cm, the wrist length of the long octopus is about 48.5 cm, and the wrist length of the true octopus is about 32.5 cm.

And this creature is now widely distributed throughout the world, mainly concentrated in various tropical and temperate seas, living in more or less crevices such as rocks and seabeds. However, this creature has been considered by humans as an invertebrateThe person with the highest intelligence, and has a strong ability to imitate, can change in different waters, just like a technological product, can change body color very quickly, giving many species the illusion.

Moreover, the predation ability of this species is also very strong. It mainly eats lobsters and crustaceans shrimp, crabs, etc.. Some species eat plankton. Occasionally, it may not be some relatively large species, even lobstersIt is difficult to withstand the attack of octopus, octopus mainly adopts "wrapped" predation, so as long as many creatures are adsorbed by it, it is impossible to escape. This is the biggest feature.

Then some people say that the octopus is the legacy of aliens, do you agree with it?

To say that the octopus is an alien is nothing more than its IQ problem. Indeed, from a scientific analysis, the octopus "octopus" contains more than 500 million neurons than normal mammals.A neuron, such as: mice have to be willing to go down. What’s even more frightening is that octopuses have three hearts and two memory systems, which are invisible to other biological populations on the planet, including us humans, who don’t have three hearts, twoThe memory system is just a little more in the number of neurons.

According to a study in Nature, an octopus is also a “walker” in the water, able to walk with two arms and feet, and its speed is much faster than using eight arms. The fastest speed of the former is about 0.14 meters per second, and it can move freely under water.Shuttle. The octopus itself has no joints, no bones or skeletal muscles, so it can walk, it is really incredible to continue the alliance, so far scientists have not found why it is so strong.

Therefore, many scientists or experts suspect that octopus is not a species on the earth. As many people say, it may be a “legacy” of aliens. However, there is no way to give a definitive answer.Our understanding of it is not comprehensive, and octopus has obvious "conceptual thinking." It can independently and quickly model any other creatures, which is why their populations are so powerful now, even if humans prey in large quantities, they can still stabilize the wholeThe balance of the ecosystem.

Octopus is causing concern among scientists

Because the octopus has such a situation, it is arousing the concerns of scientists. At the same time, octopus may also have a certain impact on humans. At the same time, scientists have found that the entire family of octopuses has become more and more intelligent and evolvedA terrifying "toxin" has emerged. When octopus is caught, some octopuses can secrete a super toxin that is strong enough to kill people, so this is why some octopuses can quickly prey on their prey.

So the super change of octopus is affecting, and now it is not easy for us to eat a safe octopus. This can be regarded as a model that organisms have evolved in order to survive.

Now more and more evidence does show that octopus may not be a local species, but an extraterrestrial biological population, so if this is the case, the answer can be given in the future. Many scientists also believe that octopus may come fromAlien planet, and this may be true, but there is no concrete evidence.

So now it is possible to define octopus as a non-terrestrial species, but humans have not found any extraterrestrial life, which is the key. At the same time, the evolution of octopus has caused scientists to worry about it, but to ruleThe earth, this possibility is low, after all, it does not have this strength. Although the octopus's intelligence is so high that humans cannot understand it, it still has not surpassed humans. This is the most important thing.

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