Why don’t humans eat the meat of carnivores? It’s really not because the opponent is too fierce, but too dirty

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I don’t know if you have thought about it. Almost all the livestock we eat nowadays are herbivores. The meat of carnivores is rarely seen on the table. Some people think this is because it is more dangerous to prey on carnivores, so people don’t eat meat.Animal meat. But is that really the case?

Why don’t humans eat the meat of carnivores?

The reason why humans do not like to eat meat from carnivores is actually because carnivores are difficult to domesticate. Most of the meat we eat today comes from domesticated animals. This is because wild animals are not only difficult to kill, but alsoThe living environment of wild animals is uncontrollable, and it is impossible to guarantee whether they carry pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, many countries now prohibit the consumption of wild animals.

However, it is important to know that not all animals can be domesticated. The domesticated animals must meet multiple conditions. The first condition is that the food source is simple. Take cattle and sheep as an example. Their food is a variety of herbs.Plants, and herbaceous plants come from a wide range. Not only that, cattle and sheep can also feed on crop stalks, which are by-products of human agriculture; in addition, cattle and sheep can also feed on dry plants, and some can’t.Dry food-eating organisms are difficult to be domesticated by humans. For example, moose likes to eat fresh plants and eat a lot of aquatic plants. Because of their high food requirements, they are difficult to be domesticated by humans.

The reason why carnivores are difficult to domesticate is because they have very demanding food requirements. Their main food is all kinds of meat. However, people have a high demand for meat. Instead of using meat to raise carnivores, it is betterEat these meats directly.

Secondly, carnivores are not docile in character, and it is easy to accidentally injure the farmer during the breeding process, which leads to humans being easily injured in the process of domesticating carnivores. For example, although the circus domesticates tigers, they sometimesTiger wounding incidents occur. If lions, tigers and other carnivores are raised on a large scale, tigers and lions wounding incidents are more likely to occur.

Also, most carnivores like to live alone, with the exception of lions, but lions also have territorial awareness. Carnivores living alone have very high requirements for territories, which makes it difficult for humans to provide them with enough space during the breeding process and the breeding efficiency is low.

Most herbivores like to live in groups, which can feed enough individuals with the least space, and the feeding efficiency is higher.

It is precisely because carnivores can hardly meet the domestication conditions of humans that they have not been domesticated by humans, so they have not been the main food of humans since ancient times.

The meat of carnivores is not safe

In addition to carnivores that are difficult to be domesticated, there is another reason why humans do not eat meat from carnivores. Carnivores are too dirty.

Take lions as an example. Although lions will actively prey on their prey, lions are also opportunists. Once they find carrion, they will happily feast on them. Carnivores contain a variety of microorganisms, which are in the process of decomposing food.Large amounts of toxins are also produced. Lions have strong gastric acid. Their gastric acid can kill microorganisms carried in food. At the same time, they have certain resistance to biological toxins, so they will not eat carrion without diarrhea, diarrhea or even death.

However, some microorganisms may remain in their mouths, teeth, fur and other places during the process of eating carrion. In the process of killing lions, if humans are accidentally injured by them, there is a risk of infection.

The food of herbivores is a variety of plants. Plants and animals are closely related, which makes it difficult for germs that can infect plants to infect animals. Therefore, the meat of herbivores is relatively "clean" and eat herbivores.It's safer than eating carnivores.

Carnivores have fewer energy sources

From the bottom-level logic, the reason why humans don’t eat the meat of carnivores is because energy not only flows, but also is lost during the flow of energy.

On the earth, most of the energy used by organisms comes from solar energy. When the sun hits the surface of the earth, plants can convert it into starch, sugar and other substances through photosynthesis; herbivores can obtain it through plantsEnergy, and carnivores can get energy through herbivores.

That is to say, energy will flow in the solar energy-plants-herbivores-carnivores, and the energy in the flow process will produce a lot of loss, causing them to only transfer 10% of their own to the nextA nutritional level.

For example: 10 acres of land can raise 100 sheep, but 100 sheep can only raise 1 lion. For humans, whether it is a sheep or a lion, it is a source of protein energy, but instead of eating a lion, it is better to eat 100 sheep, So humans do not eat carnivores, but feed on herbivores.

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