What is the scariest and most desperate scientific theory known to mankind?

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What is the scariest scientific theory known to mankind? No matter from the perspective of mankind, the universe, or cognition, there are desperate scientific theories.

You are not the only one, just a clone-parallel universe theory

Many people have heard of parallel universes: Our universe is just one of many universes, and each universe is parallel to each other. Some universes have a you. They are like your clones. When you are faced with choices, they will be in other universes.Make the opposite choice in the universe, or split a new universe to another choice, but you can never meet and shake hands.

This is not for humans alone, but for everything. For example: our universe is endless, and species is extinct in large numbers. However, in some parallel universes, extinct species are flourishing, and humans are already extinct. Parallel universes are based on quantum mechanics.In the context, it was proposed by the well-known American physicist Hugh Everett in the 1950s because of the uncertainty and probability in quantum mechanics.

At the macro level, you only need to know the crawling speed of the ant to know where it will be at the next moment. The shooting robot can put the basketball firmly into the basket through a series of mechanical calculations. At the micro level, you cannot determine the coreIf you measure the speed of the external electrons 10 times, the probability will be different. If you measure countless times, it will show a probability distribution. And if you determine the speed of the electrons, you cannot determine the position of the electrons. If youOnce the position is determined, its speed cannot be determined, and the results of multiple position measurements are also probabilistically distributed.

Bohr believes that when you do not measure particles, the particles are in a state where various probabilities and uncertainties are superimposed together. When you observe, they will collapse into a unique state. Einstein and Schrödinger’s explanation of BohrDisapproving, so Schrödinger tried to mock Bohr by using macroscopic cats and conducting thought experiments.

The thinking experiment is based on Bohr’s explanation: there is a cat and a quantum device in a box. If the quantum decays, the cat will be poisoned to death, otherwise it will survive. If according to Bohr, the quantum has a superposition state, then the cat is in a superposition state.Life and death superposition state. When you open the box, God chooses one of the states by rolling the dice, which determines the cat’s life and death.

The key to Boll’s superposition state is that the cat in the box is not in a state of life or death, but a state of life and death. If expressed as a percentage, it is: 100% of life, superimposed100% dead. When you open the box, the cat collapses into one of these states.

Einstein and Schrödinger believed that: the cat in the box is in a state of being alive or dead, that is, 50% of the cats in the box are born and 50% are dead. The result presented when the box is opened actually happened before the box was opened.of.

Hugh Everett believes that the cat is in a superposition of life and death, but Boll’s explanation is a bit problematic. Before opening the box, 100% is superimposed on 100%. After opening the box, only 100% is left, which is 100% less. So he proposedThe theory of parallel universes is used to explain: the superposition of life and death is not collapsed, but split. If this universe opened out of life, then the universe split at the moment you opened the box, and the dead cat came out of another universe.This is the source of the parallel universe. Although Bohr’s explanation is the mainstream at present, no one can prove that the parallel universe is wrong, and of course no one can prove that the parallel universe is right.

The universe will die, eternity does not exist-entropy increases

Water does not rise from low temperature to boiling spontaneously, and rotten apples cannot spontaneously return to a fresh state. In an isolated system, everything will change from order to disorder. This is the law of entropy increase, which refers toIt is the degree of chaos. Human beings are a highly complex life body. In order to maintain vital signs, we need to continuously absorb pure energy negative entropy from the outside world. Schrödinger described in "What is Life" that life feeds on negative entropy.

The universe is the largest isolated system known to mankind. It is now in a state of increasing entropy. When the entropy is maximized, all the effective energy in the universe will evolve into heat energy. The temperature everywhere is the same, and there will be no "Ebb and flow", no vitality, no movement of objects, and return to chaos. This process is irreversible and is called the Great Heat Death of the universe. No matter how hard humans work, how advanced technology is, or even conquer the entire universe, we will eventually followThe universe will die together.

We have been trapped in the "cage" and can never get out-the speed of light is limited

If there is a super invincible spacecraft and consumes the energy of the whole universe to accelerate it, how fast can it be? According to the special theory of relativity, no matter how fast an object with a mass of non-zero stationary is, it cannot reach the speed of light.Infinity approaches the speed of light. The speed of light refers to the speed at which light travels in a vacuum, which is 300,000 kilometers per second. This is the highest speed for all energy and information transmission.

The diameter of the Milky Way is about 100,000 light-years, which means that there is a 50,000-year delay in the transmission of information from the center of the galaxy to the interstellar command ship at the edge, not to mention the transportation of material and energy.Even the Milky Way cannot go out.

Not only that, the expansion of the universe far exceeds the speed of light, so humans will never be able to reach the edge of the universe and never be able to explore the entire universe. No matter how hard humans work and how developed civilizations are, we will all be trapped by the speed of light.Among them, the best situation is the formation of countless closed civilizations, each located in a corner, like a peach blossom field, it is difficult to receive a reply from a distant civilization within tens of thousands of years.

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