Why isn’t the hen angry when she sees the egg taken away?

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Why isn’t the hen angry when she sees the egg taken away?

As a child who grew up in the countryside, I can tell you responsibly that a hen protects eggs. If you are brave and dare to hold its eggs in front of it, you may be caughtIts sharp beak pecked. Why is it possible? This is because chickens have been domesticated by humans for more than 8,000 years. Since human civilization entered agricultural civilization, chickens have accompanied human life. So most chickens are relatively docile, Sometimes you steal eggs in front of it, and it won’t peck you, but it doesn’t mean it has no emotions towards you.

Divided into two situations

Take its eggs in front of the hen, stand from the hen’s perspective, if you always take away its eggs in front of her, it’s equivalent to grabbing her child, it’s angryYes, but I dare not say anything. What should I do? In order to avoid repeating the same mistakes, the ardent hen will go outside to lay eggs, so you can’t find them. You may not see any in the henhouse for ten and a half months.An egg is actually laid outside. I have a deep understanding of this, because the old hen in my hometown used to lay an egg every 2 to 3 days, but once there was no one in ten and a half months.When I saw an egg, I looked around for it curiously, and found that there were 6 eggs in a pile of firewood. The chicken is still quite clever.

The other kind is a chicken that is angry and daring to speak. This kind of chicken has a strong awareness of protecting eggs. It is like a stingy rich man. You are definitely not allowed to take the eggs out of its nest in front of your face. If you stillRobbing, then you will definitely peck at you. But this kind of chicken with a strong awareness of egg protection is rare. It depends on the hen's temper. Whoever raises the chicken will naturally know its temper.

The hen asked by the question sees the egg taken away, why is it not angry? This kind of chicken is a domestic chicken in most cases. Because the chicken has been domesticated by humans for more than 8,000 years, humans take the eggs, this is fateAh! Maybe most chickens are used to it.

Previously, I thought that the way of raising chickens to take eggs may be different. For example, the way I raised chickens to take eggs: when the chickens were finished, he would grab a handful of rice and reward them for laying eggs.The chicken, over time, every time the chicken lays the egg, it will come over. It will think that there is food to eat when the egg is laid. Isn't it beautiful! And most homes do this: when the hen lays the egg, wait until itPick up the eggs when you go out, but be careful when picking up the eggs. Don’t take away all the eggs at once. Keep one or two eggs in the nest. This is the nest egg. If you take all the eggs at onceIf all the eggs are taken away, the hen may learn to be clever to lay eggs in the wild. The reason for leaving a nest egg is because the hen will continue to lay eggs when it sees that the number of eggs in the nest is insufficient.Change places.

There are several processes when a hen lays eggs. The first is the nest. When you can't see the hen for a certain period of time, it must be calmly lying in its nest and preparing to lay eggs.When the hen is in the nest, the hen is always observing the external environment. If you reach out to disturb it at this time, it will peck you. The hen will stay in the nest and lie down for a while after laying the eggs, and finally it is the beginning of the nest.Cack, you can steal the egg when it goes out, remember not to steal it all at once, this is very important.

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