How long will a person die without going to bed? A 17-year-old boy had persisted for 11 days and his body collapsed for a while

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If you can live to 78 years old, then you have spent about 25 years sleeping. For normal people, adequate sleep is one of the prerequisites to ensure the healthy functioning of the body, but there are always good things., I want to know how long humans can stay without sleep. For this reason, someone once challenged the Guinness World Record for the longest sleep.

Don't sleep challenge

One day in 1963, a 17-year-old boy Randy Gardner wanted to challenge the Guinness World Record for not sleeping continuously.

This challenge has attracted the attention of William Dement, a sleep research expert at Stanford University. His main research is sleep problems, and he is very interested in the challenge of how long humans can stay without sleep. Even though some people have done it on animals at that timeExperiments, such as: a cat was deprived of sleep for 15 consecutive days, which eventually led to the cat’s death.

But because the animal has no language, it cannot directly describe its feelings. And it is impossible to prove that it is stress, long-term tension, and long-term lack of sleep that caused its death, so William Dement wants to learn from thisIn this challenge, he obtains first-hand information in order to make achievements in the field. At the same time, he can also check Randy Gardner's physical condition. Once he finds that the opponent is in bad condition, he can interrupt the challenge.

The experiment started at the end of the year. After falling asleep and waking up for the last time before the experiment, he began to try to keep himself awake. On the first day of the experiment, he did not show anything like a normal person.

On the second day of the experiment, he began to encounter some minor problems. Randy Gardner felt as if his head was covered, but it did not affect the challenge.

On the third day of the experiment, he said that his vision began to become blurred;

And when he waited on the fourth day, he began to experience mild delusions and hallucinations.

On the fifth day, he felt that the walls of the house disappeared, and replaced by a path leading to the forest. Randy's condition began to get worse and worse, his temper became more and more irritable, and he often became angry with people around him.At this time, hallucinations appeared again, and he always felt that there were other people in the room.

On the 10th day of the experiment, the staff could no longer communicate with him, and at the same time, there were serious intellectual barriers. At this time, Professor William Demont found that Randy's breathing rate and heart rate were greatly improved, and his immunityIt began to decline, and the blood circulation system began to have problems.

After 264 hours and 25 minutes of no sleep, Randy finally set the Guinness World Record, and he can finally get a good night’s sleep.

When he went to bed, the scientists were also testing his sleep. After 10 hours and 40 minutes of sleep, Randy woke up, and subsequent physical tests found that his sleep and behavior returned to normal, with no obviousSequelae.

Although this behavior was recognized by the headquarters of the Guinness World Records, it may cause serious harm to the human body due to continuous long periods of sleeplessness, and the Guinness World Records subsequently revoked the record.

Sleep deprivation experiment

If Randy Gardner's challenge to the continuous sleepless experiment is a challenge under the premise of ensuring physical safety, then the sleep deprivation experiment conducted by the Soviet Union is very cruel.

The former Soviet Union discovered that Nikolayev gas can keep human beings awake for a long time, so they closed the five criminals in a closed and transparent room and provided them with sufficient food and books for their entertainment. The only thing that could not beWhat I do is sleep.

As a result, after 15 days, they all went crazy, and some people said that one of them had died.

Through these two sleep deprivation experiments, we can see that sleep can not only rest our body, but also rest our mind. Continuous long periods of insomnia may cause human body disorders, evenWill die because of it.

How to ensure sleep

Since sleep is so important, how can we ensure high-quality sleep?

We often say that early to bed, early to rise, and enough sleep for 8 hours are high-quality sleep, but studies have found that the quality of sleep is related to whether sleep is regular and whether you sleep enough for a sleep cycle.

First of all, whether you sleep regularly, whether you go to bed early and get up early, or get up late at night, as long as you can ensure that you fall asleep at the same time every day and get up at the same time, the effect is actually the same. But if you go to bed late and wake up lateIf you are affected by the sun’s sleep or disturbed by external sounds, it is better to stay early to bed and get up early.

In fact, it is a sleep cycle. When we sleep at night, we don’t sleep until dawn, but experience different sleep cycles, namely: light sleep, deep sleep, and rapid eye movement periods.

When sleeping at night, we will first go from light sleep to deep sleep, and then enter the rapid eye movement period. These three are a complete sleep cycle, usually lasting 90 minutes. When sleeping, we are bestTo maintain 4-5 sleep cycles, which is 6-7.5 hours.

Only regular sleep time and enough sleep cycles can we really get rest without fatigue.

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