There was no fingerprint recognition technology in ancient times. Why do you need to press your handprint when you sign and draw?

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In many historical photos and ancient films and TV dramas, when prisoners confessed their crimes in the Yamen, they were required to sign and draw. However, in ancient times, the literacy rate of the common people was very low, and it was difficult to sign, so handprints and fingerprints became the mainVerification method.

Although fingerprints were used in ancient times, there was no electronic fingerprint identification technology in ancient times, and electronic devices could not be used to automatically compare and identify fingerprints. Does ancient signature painting really have practical effects?

The literacy rate in ancient times was less than 20%, and it was concentrated in the nobles:

In ancient times, reading and literacy were often the daily activities of nobles. It was difficult for ordinary civilians to have the opportunity to learn literacy. Until the emergence of the imperial examination system, the ancient literacy rate began to increase significantly. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the literacy rate of the peopleEven as high as 80%, many literary works have appeared.

When the public literacy rate is low, the vast majority of people do not write their own names, so the "signature" in the signature painting has become nonsense, and the use of fingerprints "painting" has become the most mainstream means of proof.

But there was no electronic fingerprint identification system in ancient times. How can the fingerprints on these documents be confirmed in the future?

Ancient fingerprints are not useless, and fingerprints can indeed be verified and compared in ancient times. The method is to observe with the naked eye!

When we were young, we should have observed our own fingerprints. Human fingerprints are actually not difficult to observe. As long as the eyesight is good enough, the rough lines of the fingerprints can be seen. If the fingerprints are printed on the paper, the lines will be clearer.

If fingerprint verification and comparison were needed in ancient times, then you only need to ask the other party to print the fingerprint on a piece of white paper, and the fingerprints on the two pieces of paper overlap together, you can roughly judge whether the fingerprint belongs to the other party.

The practice of printing fingerprints on paper is actually not conducive to subsequent identification, but the flow of people in ancient times was very small, and the population was small, and the number of samples was small. If you really encounter some major events, even if you compare them one by one,The target can be found quickly.

The records of using fingerprints and handprints to solve cases in ancient China can be traced back to the Qin Bamboo Slips of Sleeping Tiger Land in the Qin Dynasty; the use of fingerprints and handprints to indicate identity can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. China is also recognized as the origin of the use of fingerprints.

Ancient fingerprints spread to the West, modern fingerprints appeared:

Although pressing the fingerprint on the paper can be roughly distinguished by the naked eye, the fingerprints on the paper may be faded or damaged depending on the storage environment and other factors.Prone to errors.

During the Tang Dynasty, after traveling to China, Arab merchants recorded the application of ancient fingerprints in books and passed them to the West. In the 17th century, the West began to analyze fingerprints using modern technology and found three characteristics of fingerprints:

  • Fingerprints will not change for life;

  • Fingerprint can be identified;

  • Fingerprints can be classified.

Using the three characteristics of fingerprints, fingerprints have begun to take shape, and fingerprints have become a unique symbol of a person.

Although fingerprints have taken shape in the 17th century, the identification of fingerprints is very troublesome. It was not until the advent of modern computers that fingerprints really gained popularity. The use of electronic equipment to record and identify fingerprints, so that fingerprints can be quickly identifiedPersonal. The emergence of fingerprint verification systems on mobile phones has allowed fingerprints to spread to all aspects of life.

Personal characteristics, is the most convenient and safest verification tool:

With the changes of the times, physical verification tools have gradually disappeared. No matter how sophisticated the physical verification tools are, no matter how complex the password is, it is easy to be stolen by others, but personal characteristics are difficult to be stolen, whether it is fingerprints, faces, voices, or retinas., These personal characteristics can represent ourselves, and almost everyone will "carry them".

No matter how secure the physical verification tool is, we may forget to carry it or forget the password, but for fingerprints, we don’t need to know the shape and pattern of the fingerprint. We can easily verify our identity by pressing the finger to the designated position. FaceNowadays, when recognition is becoming popular, you don’t even need to carry a mobile phone for travel consumption. You only need to swipe your face at the place where the merchant pays, and you can automatically determine your identity for payment.

If the mobile phone can be implanted in the brain or turned into a retinal imaging device in the future, then we basically do not need to carry any equipment, and no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring the mobile phone. The development of technology has gradually turned physical tools into virtual data; ourThe body is the best way to prove yourself!

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