Are human beings born and grown on earth, or alien species? Or are they aliens themselves?

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Many netizens believe that such smart animals as humans could not have evolved, they are probably species brought or created by aliens, or even aliens themselves. Today, let’s discuss this togetherThe question, see if you can explain it.

Life on the earth grew out of nothing, there are two sources.

Of course, the species on the earth have evolved over billions of years, but at the beginning, the life evolved from the earth’s native place, or was an alien from space. The scientific community is still inconclusive, but there are two main origins.Say.

One is the theory of natural evolution. This theory is that there is no life on the earth, and there is no organic matter, only small inorganic molecules. Under the influence of cosmic events and the earth's lightning and thunder, the earth's matter evolves from small inorganic molecules to small molecules.Macromolecules of organic matter, and then gradually evolved proteins, formed the first cell, and finally formed life.

This whole process has gone through hundreds of millions of years of gestation and is full of accidental and inevitable collisions. Therefore, life is the lucky darling.

There is another saying that the aliens from the sky said that life on earth comes from the universe, at least organic molecules come from the universe, through the impact of meteorites and comets, come to the earth, and then gradually evolve in the earth’s natural environment to today’s verdant things.In this sense, the earliest ancestors of human beings came from extraterrestrial organic matter and even cells or bacteria, and these cells or bacteria can be understood as coming from a living planet. Therefore, it can also be said that humans are extraterrestrials.Seeds are bred and evolved, so they must be pulled down, even if they are aliens.

Besides, there is no evidence that human beings are extraterrestrials who came to the earth to reproduce or produce. In all the comprehensive studies of archaeology, biology, and genetics, humans can only be born and evolved from the earth.

The conditions for the birth of life on earth benefited from the Great Collision.

The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. When it was first born, it was just a fireball composed of hot magma. This fireball already has a huge adsorption force, sucking all the stars, debris, and dust in the earth’s orbit on itself.It gradually started to cool down, at this time there is no sign of life, and there is no organic matter.

When the earth just started to cool down, the biggest disaster so far came. In the early stage of the formation of the solar system, planets were forming in the dross left in the solar accretion disk, and the orbits of each planet were not stable, and it was a mass of Mars.The planet drifted to the orbit of the earth, and the two planets collided.

Now scientists call the planet that hit the earth "Theia", named after a goddess in ancient Greek legends, the goddess sun and moon gods. Under the impact of huge energy, the earth againIt disintegrated and mixed with Theia, but under the action of gravity, these scattered materials quickly regrouped together, but the mass of the earth became at least 1/8 larger than in the past.

And part of the material splashed and scattered in space gathered into the moon, and since then the earth has its own natural satellite. The moon has a tidal force 2.5 times larger than the sun, and the earth’s oceans have since become more agitated.The Earth’s rotation axis collided with a skew 23.44°. Since then, a 23.44 degree direct sun has been formed above and below the Earth’s equator to the Tropic of Cancer. The Earth’s climate has changed, with spring, summer, autumn and winter all year round.

All this has only brought new vitality to the earth. Life on the earth has more abundant conditions, but nothing more. There is no life on the earth in the ancient universe 4.6 billion to 4.5 billion before, just for life.Breeding created the conditions.

Hidden and Apparent.

Modern research believes that life on earth was born around 4 billion years ago. Now scientists have found the most primitive life, microbial fossils 3.7 billion years ago, and blue algae 3.5 billion years ago. This is where the earth is.Evidence of the existence of life 3.7 billion years ago. Although there is no evidence of the existence of life 3.7 billion years ago, it is impossible for life to appear suddenly. Therefore, there is a speculation in the scientific community that life is likely to occur 4 billion years ago.

From then on, it was not until the Cambrian, which is more than 500 million years ago, that a large number of visible creatures appeared. Therefore, this era will be called "Phanerozoic". The so-called Phanerozoic means that creatures began to be visible with the naked eye.The morphology shows that organisms have been in a dormant state before this, from the first single cell, differentiated into multiple cells, and then evolved and evolved until the Phanerozoic eruption.

Before the Phanerozoic, life was in the era of invisibility, so it was also called the "cryptozoic". Why did life suddenly burst into Phanerozoic? Some studies believe that when creatures first began to "panthenize", they did not have bones, so they were veryIt is difficult to leave animal fossils. This may be the reason why no archeologically significant life was found before the Cambrian. There is a guess that before the Phanerozoic, the reason why creatures were "cryptic" was because they had no bones.Animals, therefore, cannot leave archaeological fossils, which makes it difficult to find sufficient evidence of "phantom" organisms.

Biological evolution from low level to high level, then to humans.

Modern archaeology, biology, genetics studies have proved that the same family of earth creatures have the same origin, and they all evolved from the earliest primitive monocytes from low-level to high-level, differentiated and evolved. Before the Phanerozoic Era, due toThere is not much archeological basis, and there is no clearer context, but after the Phanerozoic, the biological evolutionary context is clearer.

It is often asked, when did the first human appear? Was the first human male or female? According to the theory of evolution, this question is not valid, because humans gradually evolved from animals that are completely unlike humans.Mutation evolved.

The earliest mammalian fossils found now are animals that lived 160 million years ago and resemble mice above. Scientists believe that this animal is the ancestor of mammals, or it may be the ancestor of humans. BecauseThis fossil was unearthed in Liaoning, China, so it was named "Chinese Jurassic Mother". Can you find out what a human looks like from this "mouse"? But if it is the ancestor of human ancestors, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it..

The whole context of animal evolution is: from microbial evolution to mollusks, to vertebrates, to crawling and mammals, gradually from low to high. And the ancestors of humans are hidden in this series of evolution.Eventually primates evolved from mammals, that is, monkeys, orangutans, apes, etc., and then emerged from ancient apes and evolved humans.

The evolutionary process of life, no aliens are involved.

Although there are still some missing chains of evidence in the entire evolutionary process, the theory of biological evolution into chemistry is the most scientific and perfect explanation of life on earth so far, and the explanation closest to the truth. Especially with the support of modern genetics, lifeThe evolution of genes can be traced back to the earliest cell, and there is an increasingly clear map of evolutionary migration routes.

Therefore, there is no clear conclusion about whether the origin of life comes from extraterrestrial or indigenous earth. However, human beings are indeed born and evolved on earth and have nothing to do with aliens. If anyone mustIf there is a relationship with aliens, it is necessary to produce evidence, even if it is a clue, otherwise there is no value for discussion out of thin air.

Scientists have been looking for clues of extraterrestrial civilization, but unfortunately 100 years have passed and there has been no gain so far.

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