The boulder was accurately cut in half. Scientists claim that it was not done by humans. It is still a mystery to this day?

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In the southern part of the Tamar Oasis in Saudi Arabia, about 15 kilometers away from Highway 15, there is an Al Naslaa boulder that stunned archaeologists all over the world. It looks like it should have been a long time ago.It is a complete boulder, but I don’t know when it was perfectly cut in half. The knife edge is as neat as laser cutting, and the two halves are just perfectly balanced!

How did Al Naslaa come into being?

Tayma An oasis on an ancient trade route with a long history in northwestern Saudi Arabia. Tayma has been inhabited since at least the Bronze Age. The origin of the name of Tayma can be traced back to the 8th century BC.The oasis of the time has developed into a beautiful small city with beautiful buildings and many wells. In Taima, there are traces of BC architecture everywhere.

In 2010, the Saudi Tourism and Antiquities Commission announced that a stone stele was found near Tamar with the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses III on it. Tamar is therefore part of an important land route between the Red Sea coast of the Arabian Peninsula and the Nile Valley.

Visitors to Taima must visit the Anasra Boulder in the southwest of Taima. No one knows when it was formed, but from the historical analysis of the rock paintings, it is at least 1,000 years ago.History, and some scholars say it may be as long as 4,000 years!

These "two" boulders are ordinary sandstone, which is a kind of sedimentary rock, which is mainly composed of sand and has a content of more than 50%. Why should the two pieces be quoted? Because it is easy to seeThey should have been connected a long time ago.

And the seam in the middle of them is not only straight up and down, without any trace of muddy water, just like a super cutter or laser cut them directly, and the position is accurate to the hair finger, because it is under the two huge rocksThere are also two bases. If the left and right are a little bit different, the balance condition will be destroyed immediately, and the two rocks will immediately fall to the inside or outside after the division.

Who did it?

For such a supernatural phenomenon, the first reaction must be prehistoric civilization or aliens. After all, how can humans have this kind of technology? First of all, how to ensure a perfect cutting plane is a problem, and then what tools are used? TwoAfter this problem, the one who insists on what humans do will be defeated.

But geologists say that this condition can be formed theoretically. For example, the rock layer itself has a separation crack at this location. Some slate can often be seen in the quarry. Pieces of rock used to be very difficult.It is easy to distinguish, and the stone slab can be taken out with a light prying. Therefore, uneven ground subsidence will separate the boulders, but to be so accurate, this natural formation is somewhat self-explanatory.

So is it possible to be artificial?

The history of mining megaliths in ancient Egypt to make pyramids is more than 4600 years, and the history of mining marble in Greece is more than 2500 years. From a theoretical point of view, in ancient times, it is indeed possible to cut such neat seams at any cost. Sandstone is also easier to cut than marble.If you have the assistance of a mathematician, balance is not a particularly big problem, so theoretically it may indeed be artificial, but the question is why do you do that?

Those natural landscapes called miracles

Located on the Atlantic coast about 80 kilometers northwest of Belfast, Northern Ireland, there is a breathtaking miracle. There are more than 40,000 hexagonal stone pillars forming an 8-kilometer-long coast. The stone pillars are continuous and orderly and stepped.Going deep into the sea, it is called the Giant’s Causeway.

This is like the floor of the Temple of Zeus being moved to the world. It is formed by the cooling and solidification of lava after the eruption of a volcano. It is difficult to imagine that this kind of magical hexagonal splicing shape will be formed when the lava is cooled and condensed.

Coincidentally, there are miracles on Baigong Mountain in Delingha City, Qinghai, my country. In Tuosu Lake and the caves on the nearby slopes, there are a large number of iron tubular objects. The huge rusty iron pipe runs through the mountain and goes underground, I don’t know where to go!

It has always been considered that this is the remains of aliens. In May 2001, Professor Zheng Jiandong from the Institute of Geology of China Earthquake Administration led a scientific expedition team to investigate the mysterious iron pipe of Baigong Mountain. The result wasIt is found that these iron pipes are of different sizes and shapes, very similar to a certain position in a tree branch, and the composition is also 30% iron oxide, as well as silicon dioxide and calcium oxide, metal elements potassium, aluminum, sodium, etc., as ironThe tube seems to be inadequate.

According to scientists’ speculation, it should be a relatively rare ferrified wood. It is somewhat different from the formation of calcified wood. Ferrified wood requires higher requirements. Therefore, the case of ferrified wood found in China is very rare, and calcified wood is not known to everyone.It is considered to be an alien miracle, but because it involves the metallic element iron, it is also common sense to be mistaken for an alien relic.

"There is no testimony sufficient to determine a miracle, unless the testimony falls into such a situation, and its falsehood is more miraculous than the facts it seeks to establish."

----Hume's Axiom

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