How difficult is it for giant pandas to mate with each other? The staff broke their heart to make them pregnant

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Giant pandas that are difficult to mate

If someone counts the most difficult animals to mate in the world, perhaps giant pandas will rank very high. There is no other reason. Their mating ability is really bad.

Giant pandas have an obvious estrus period, which is very common in other animals. People are not surprised by this. But surprisingly, the estrus period of giant pandas is actually very, very short. They only estrus for 2-3 days a year.And only about 2 hours is the best time for them to fertilize. Once they miss the estrus period of giant pandas, they will no longer cooperate to mate, even if they mate, it is difficult to conceive. If you want them to reproduce offspring, you have to wait at least another year..

What's more desperate is that wild pandas like to live alone, although they will leave a message through urine before the estrus period to attract the opposite sex. However, the number of wild pandas is small and the population density is not high.Once the opposite sex misses the information, it will miss the time to mate with the female panda.

In addition, there are many takins in the area where giant pandas live, and takins will rub their horns against the bark, destroying the information they leave, making it more difficult for giant pandas to find a mate.

Although giant pandas living in zoos don’t have to worry about their mates, they still face another problem, that is, females and males will choose each other. If either the female or the male doesn’t like each other, the mating cannot continue., And even violent incidents occur. For this reason, the staff can only let the two giant pandas get to know each other through the fence, and then let them live together.

However, sometimes the channels of females and males are not the same. Sometimes females are very active, but males are unmoved. After the female sex hormones fade away, the males think of their tasks, but at this time the females have alreadyImpatient and refuse to mate with it.

In addition, if males perform poorly during mating, they will be disgusted by females, and females are also very obvious when expressing dislike, that is, they refuse to mate with him, and violence occurs. So in males matingBefore, some staff would let them watch giant panda movies to learn mating skills. Despite this, some males still performed poorly in actual combat, disappointing the females and staff.

We know that the estrus period of giant pandas is very short, and their mating is so difficult that the staff had to send giant pandas to different opposite sexes, hoping that they could produce "sparks of love" with each other and produce "The crystallization of love". However, the shortcoming of the zoo is that the number of giant pandas is limited, and many of them are related by blood. For the sake of eugenics, the staff hopes that two individuals with a relatively distant relationship can conceive offspring;It is possible to make them mate with different heterosexuals every year, which can make the offspring's genes more diverse.

However, giant pandas do not understand the good intentions of human beings. They still do their own way. This leads to the annual mating season of giant pandas, which is one of the busiest periods for the staff.

Once the giant pandas mate successfully, the staff will immediately arrange for them to undergo artificial insemination. One is to reduce false pregnancies and allow the giant pandas to reproduce as much as possible. In addition, artificial insemination increases the probability of twins and enables giant pandas to be able toIn a limited time, more individuals can be reproduced to protect the safety of the population.

Giant panda is pregnant

For most animals, the pregnancy cycle is fixed. For example, humans are pregnant in October, although it may not be exactly 10 months, but it is not too long. But giant pandas are a strange flower, their pregnancy cycleIt is not fixed. Some will give birth at 83 days of pregnancy, while others will have more than 200 days of pregnancy. The most extreme case is even 324 days of pregnancy.

And when giant pandas are pregnant, humans can hardly know whether they are pregnant or not. The reason is that the weight of giant panda cubs at birth is very small, only 0.1% of the mother’s, which makes it difficult for human science and technology to detect the cubs.With the existence of cubs, only a few days before the giant pandas are about to give birth can we know whether they are pregnant or not, and the approximate delivery time.

After the giant panda cubs are born, the tasks of mating and pregnancy are truly completed, and the next is the working time of parenting.


The reason why the mating of giant pandas is so difficult is that they have a short estrus period. If they do not mate during the estrus period, it will be difficult for them to get pregnant.

Secondly, because they have very high requirements for their spouses, any dissatisfaction of either party cannot guarantee the normal mating process.

The third is because for giant pandas, mating is a skill that needs to be learned, and male giant pandas with poor learning ability will be rejected by females.

It is precisely because the mating of giant pandas is so difficult that for a long time in the past, people could not allow them to mate and give birth to offspring in artificial environments. It is with the efforts of the staff that the giant pandas can gradually be realized in artificial environments.The environment gives birth to offspring, and this also provides strong support for the protection of the giant panda population.

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