Why do snakes hibernate? Will hibernating snakes be eaten by other animals?

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Snakes are most vulnerable during hibernation. If snakes encounter natural enemies during hibernation, will they be preyed by them?


If you live in a place where the temperature in winter is low, below 15 degrees Celsius, you will rarely see snakes throughout the winter. Even if you encounter snakes, don’t worry, because of the snake’s attack power at this time.Almost 0.

The reason why snakes hibernate is related to their body temperature. Snakes are thermophilic organisms. They don’t need to consume energy to maintain body temperature, but will change with the outside temperature. The advantage is that it is very energy-saving and consumes energy.It is 1/3 of thermostatic biology.

Because they consume less energy, they can rely on less food to survive in harsh environments, which also makes them have a certain survival advantage in harsh environments, so they are selected by natural selection.

However, the disadvantage of variable temperature organisms is that it is difficult to support life activities when the body temperature is low. The cell activities in snakes require the participation of biological enzymes, and enzymes need to be able to work at a suitable temperature, which leads toWhen the outside temperature is right, the snake will be more active, for example: in summer, the snake is very active; but when the outside temperature is cold, the snake will be difficult to move, the body is stiff and it is difficult to walk, so it will find a place to hibernate.

Actually, it is not just snakes, many reptiles are difficult to live in low temperature environment, so the more tropical areas, the more types and numbers of snakes; and the colder areas, the fewer types and numbers of snakes.

Hibernating Snake

When the outside temperature is lower than 15 degrees Celsius, it is difficult for snakes to maintain their basic life activities. In order to survive, they must find a suitable place to overwinter.

Under normal circumstances, snakes will look for tree holes, under the soil or in the crevices to overwinter. During the overwintering process, they will not eat or drink and be inactive, reducing their metabolism to a minimum and maintaining them with the energy stored in the body.life.

Snakes in hibernation do not have any attack power. If you accidentally encounter them, don’t worry. But if you warm your body to wake up the snake like in "The Farmer and the Snake", the snake may behave after recovery.Bite you back.

Since snakes in hibernation do not have any ability to resist natural enemies, this is when they are most vulnerable. If their natural enemies find them, they don’t have to bother with snakes, and they can directly treat snakes as spicy sticks.Eat it.

Snakes also know that their abilities are limited at this time and cannot protect themselves, so they will find a hidden place to hide, or hover in tree holes, or dig into the soil. Most snakes’ natural enemiesThey are birds of prey, beasts, etc. It is difficult for them to find a hiding place for snakes, so snakes are relatively safe during hibernation.

Snake after hibernation

When the outside temperature gradually warms up, the biological enzymes in the snake begin to become active at this time. They can promote the snake's cells to produce more energy and maintain the snake's life activities, so the snake will wake up at this time.

However, just after the snake wakes up, the outside temperature is not so high. They usually find a suitable place to bask in the sun for a while, and wait for their body temperature to rise, then the body's sensitivity can reach its peak and start to go out for food.

A few days ago, a snake in Shangqiu boarded the hot search. During the winter season, the snake climbed into the field to bask in the sun every day, and the time for basking in the sun is very fixed. It arrives at around 10 in the morning and leaves at around 3 in the afternoon.

The reason why it comes to bask in the sun every day is that the local temperature in Henan has reached a record high and meets the life needs of snakes, so they wake up from hibernation and maintain their body temperature by basking in the sun.

After the snake has finished hibernation, it will quickly enter the hunting mode. After a winter of consumption, they need to eat to replenish energy. Although the snake has no hands and no teeth that can tear the prey, the upper and lower jaws of the snake canTonah is bigger than their own prey, they either use poison or muscle to suffocate the prey, and then slowly swallow the dead, unable to struggle prey into their stomachs.

After the snake eats, its ability to move will decrease. They will find a safe place to slowly digest the food in the body. Snakes have a very strong digestive ability, even if it is the armor of a crocodile, they can digest it.


For snakes, it is difficult to maintain their life activities in places below 15 degrees Celsius. At this time, they will find a safe place to enter hibernation. After snakes enter hibernation, they have almost no resistance. If their natural enemies canIf you find them, you can eat them effortlessly.

When the outside temperature is right, snakes will slowly wake up and increase their body temperature by basking in the sun. At this time, they will quickly enter hunting mode in order to replenish energy.

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