Except for humans, what are the animals that basically have no natural enemies?

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Life on the earth has a history of 3.8 billion years of development and evolution. From the initial simple single-cell life to the present, there are millions of species on the earth, and without exception, all species are largeIn the food chain and the food web. In this big net, only the members at the top of the food chain have no natural enemies. Of course, in different ecosystems, the food chain and the food web are basically different. We can discuss them separately.

Top predator in marine ecology

The area of ​​the ocean on the earth occupies about 70%, and the average depth is more than 3000 meters. In such a world, the biodiversity is conceivable. The most well-known predator in the ocean is the shark, which must benefitBecause of the rendering of many film and television works, sharks are also divided into multiple species. There are 8 orders and 25 families around the world, and there are about 300 kinds of sharks. The most famous is the great white shark, which has records of attacking ships and humans in the wild.It is also one of the most ferocious sharks. In our country, it is mainly distributed in the East China Sea, the South China Sea and the northeastern waters of Taiwan Province.

The strongest fish in the marine ecosystem may be these large ferocious sharks, but if you add mammals, there will be more powerful presence, they are the smartest animals in the ocean, killer whales. In the marine ecosystemThere is a large class of mammals, they are whales, which are mainly divided into baleen whales and toothed whales. Large whales such as blue whales are baleen whales. They mainly feed on krill and plankton.

But like most dolphins and killer whales and sperm whales are toothed whales, they can eat and bite their prey. Killer whales have a wide range of recipes, and some large baleen whales can be used as food for killer whales. Killer whalesThe way to hunt large baleen whales is also very simple, that is, they are not allowed to breathe out of the water, and eventually suffocate. Even the very fierce great white sharks are not opponents of killer whales. There is no way that this is an IQ suppression.

For example, a 15-meter-long blue whale entered the breeding area of ​​killer whales not long ago, and was eventually besieged and hunted by 75 killer whales. In the marine ecosystem, killer whales are top predators without natural enemies.Of course the great white shark is also included.

Top class eaters on the African grasslands

Speaking of Africa’s first impression, it is the animal paradise. I remember that when I was young, I especially liked watching the animal world and watching African animal stories. On the African savannah, the lion is regarded as the absolute top predator, in fact, the cat on earthThe family animals are more successful, and they are considered top predators in the area. Generally speaking, there are few natural enemies.

On the African grasslands, only spotted hyenas compete with lions. Both are social animals and overlap in food. Groups of spotted hyenas will snatch prey from lions. Of course, when there are a large number of lions, they will alsoTo snatch prey from spotted hyenas, they are not natural enemies in a competitive relationship.

In fact, even as a herbivore, if the size is too large, there is no world, such as giraffes and elephants on the African grasslands. They are huge and generally will not become the prey of other animals. Of course, under special circumstances,Lions will also hunt giraffes and elephants that are young or old, but they are not considered natural enemies.

The top predator in the Amazon rainforest in South America

The Amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world, covering an area of ​​5.5 million square kilometers, spanning nine countries and regions. In such a world, it is conceivable that there are a large number of animal and plant resources, and the Amazon river basin is the animalThe paradise. Although it is a paradise for animals, it is like a purgatory existence on the earth for human beings, and a small negligence may take away our lives.

The heaviest snakes living in the Amazon river basin today are the forest anacondas, also known as green anacondas. They are not happy by nature and like to lie quietly on the bottom of the river, waiting for their prey to come.

In the Amazon rainforest, anaconda can be counted as a top predator without natural enemies. But in fact, there are still animals that can hunt anaconda, such as the overlord Caiman of the Amazon River, which has not fully grown in the anacondaAt that time, they were often attacked by Caimans, and the end result was that they had grown natural enemies. Both species were trying their best to reduce the population of each other.

In fact, there have been natural enemies in the history of human evolution

Different species live in different ecological environments. In historical evolution, they hunted each other and eventually formed a stable food chain relationship. The existence of natural enemies can well control the number of populations under it, which reduces the ecosystemA lot of pressure.

Humans have reached the top of the food chain during evolution, and even jumped out of the food chain system. There are no longer our natural enemies in nature. But in the course of human development and evolution, there have been natural enemies, which are cats.About 6 million years ago, human ancestors and chimpanzee ancestors parted ways. After development and evolution, Australopithecus appeared 3 to 5 million years ago.

According to the study of paleontologists, they believe that in the daily life of australopithecus, we must always be vigilant against attacks by predators like cats, because Australopithecus is easier to capture than some baboon ancestors.This also means that humans have had natural enemies in the Australopithecus stage, but it is a pity that cats are quickly eliminated by nature. Although the cats in ancient times had huge fangs and claws, they were completelyIt's not as flexible as it is now, and it seems a bit cumbersome.

Said at the end

Millions of species on the earth form a stable food chain food web, which is very important for the earth’s ecosystem, and energy can be spread steadily from bottom to top. But for predators at the top of the food chain, they are notThere are natural enemies, but the population is relatively small. At the same time, with the increase and expansion of human activities, those species with a larger base at the bottom of the food chain will be less affected, while those at the top of the food chain may face extinction.Danger.

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