Astronauts are not afraid of landing on the moon, but why do they feel fear when looking back at the earth from the moon?

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Looking up at the starry sky at night is the most eye-catching moon besides the sky full of stars. According to scientists’ guesses, the moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago when a primitive planet collided with the earth, and the largest debris was thrown out.The moon today. The moon is the closest natural celestial body to the earth, and it is also the only natural satellite of the earth. It has been accompanied by the earth moving in interstellar space 380,000 kilometers away. It has witnessed the development, evolution and extinction of life on earth, but it is almostFor a billion years, only humans have set foot on the moon.

The natural properties of the moon: its average radius is 1737 kilometers, which is about one-third of the earth; its mass is 0.012 times that of the earth, making it the fifth largest satellite in the solar system. The moon is a barren planet with no surfaceWater has no atmosphere and is totally unsuitable for the survival of life. Its surface is full of large and small impact craters, once formed, it can be preserved for a long time. At the same time, the moon is also one of the most comprehensive planets explored by mankind. Three countries once returned to the earth from samples on the moon..

At the end of 2020, Chang'e 5 will retrieve samples from the moon to help scientists better study the development and evolution of the moon. In theory, the moon is one of the most familiar planets for mankind, but it is still a crisis for us.

From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, NASA carried out intensive manned missions to the moon, and it succeeded six times, including Apollo 11, Apollo 12, Apollo 14, and Apollo 15., Apollo 16 and Apollo 17, of which Apollo 13 failed to land on the moon, but finally returned to Earth safely.

Astronauts are not afraid to land on the moon. Although the environment on the moon is very dangerous, it is easy to lose their lives if they are careless. However, it is said that looking back at the earth on the moon often makes people feel scared. Why on earth?

So far, only the astronauts of the Apollo manned lunar landing program have really looked back at the earth from the moon. A total of 12 astronauts have successfully landed on the moon directly on the surface of the moon for six successful landings, and each time there is a commander staying in the order.If you add the previous preparations, such as Apollo 8, there are more than 20 people around the world who have witnessed the moon with their own eyes and looked back at the earth from a distance.

Of course, we on the earth can also look back at the earth from 380,000 kilometers away through some photos. Such an earth is suspended in the sky of the moon. It looks like a porcelain with a pale blue color and a beautiful color. But that's it.The earth is very scary. Why is this?

As the only natural satellite of the earth, the moon has revolved for billions of years, and the two have pulled each other. At present, the moon has been locked by the earth’s tides. This has led to a result: the moon will always show people in front. Then if you want toTo look back at the earth on the moon, you must be on the front side of the moon. It is difficult to see the earth on the back side of the moon.

On the front side of the moon, you can see the earth floating in the same position in the sky. The range of change is very limited. On the earth, we know that the sun rises eastward and sets west, but when viewed from the moon, the earth has broken the conventional mindset.It has been suspended there motionless. If you sit there and observe the earth in the sky, you can tell that the oceans and continents on the earth are inlaid together.

Everyone should be able to understand people with acrophobia, then looking back at the earth on the moon, this is equivalent to 380,000 kilometers above the ground, and there is still a sense of fear.

Everything on the moon is very strange. First of all, you need to wear a heavy spacesuit. It is like being enclosed in a small box, leaving only one observation port. At the same time, the mass of the moon is smaller than that of the earth, soThe gravity on the moon will be smaller, about one-sixth of that on the earth. So walking on the moon will be easier, but it’s even more weird.

On the moon, there will be completely different day and night alternations. Because the moon is locked by the earth’s tides, the rotation and revolution periods of the moon are exactly equal to about 28 days. This also means that a day or night on the moon is about 14 days.The highest temperature can reach 130 degrees Celsius when exposed to direct sunlight on the day and night, and the lowest temperature on the moon and night can reach minus 180 degrees Celsius. The temperature difference between day and night of nearly 300 degrees Celsius will make you miss your home even more when you look at the earth.Planet of the year.

Said at the end

Actually, I personally think that when I look back at the earth on the moon, the fear in my heart is not the earth itself, but the kind of experience I have never had before. After all, if there is any problem at a distance of 380,000 kilometers away from home, it meansThey will lose their lives. If astronauts perform exploration missions on the moon, I believe they will try their best not to look back at the earth, to stabilize themselves, and try to convince themselves that they are not far away from home.

If you look back at the earth from time to time, although it looks very beautiful, it will always remind yourself that the safe home is 380,000 kilometers away. This is the most frightening thing.

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