Starlink network speed reaches 200Mbps, is Musk going to achieve 6G?

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On a global scale, the 5G era can be said to have started slowly, and many people are full of yearning for 6G because of its faster speed. We have upgraded from 4G to 5G and explored 6GWith research, the biggest change is nothing more than the issue of “speed.” However, many people once said that Musk’s SpaceX Starlink Network is to skip 5G and enter the 6G era. Everyone knows that the network is upgraded step by step., Including our previous 2G, 3G, and then 4G, and now the development of 5G.

None of the "leapfrogging" network leaps have been achieved. It is said that Musk's SpaceX Starlink Network is for the process of "jumping". We don't know whether this rule is really achieved, but now SpaceX Starlink Network'sSpeed ​​has achieved a new breakthrough, and the speed is indeed higher than the commonly said 5G speed.

Musk is about to achieve 6G?

According to the test data of Sonoma County, Livonia, USA, Musk's network data has indeed reached a new high. Today's test speed has exceeded 200Mbps, exceeding 95% of broadband connections in the United States.The 5G speed we often say, that is, the user experience speed is 100Mbps, which is completely 2 times higher, so it is really surprising. This is the preliminary data of Musk’s Starlink.Obviously this "high-speed" process has been achieved.

At the same time, there are only 1,300 satellites launched by Musk. We must know that its latest plan is to launch a total of 42,000 Starlink satellites to provide Internet services for billions of people around the world, so once this number is achieved, May be higher in speed, so it’s really unbelievable. In terms of price, Musk has previously stated that the initial price of the Starlink service is $99 per month. However, there is another problem that needs to be emphasized.Next, that is the data shared by SpaceX and the Federal Communications Commission FCC. The average download speed of the "Starlink" satellite Internet service has reached 80 Mbps.

There is a certain difference between these two data, running and downloading are not the same, but no matter what point of view, if Musk wants to increase the speed again, it needs more satellites. Now this speed breakthrough has been very high.. And if we really want to use 6G data to define it, Musk has not actually achieved the speed of 6G, and the transmission capacity is completely insufficient.

What kind of state is considered 6G?

According to public statements, if it is truly defined as 6G, the transmission capacity of 6G may be 100 times higher than that of 5G. At the same time, the network delay may also be reduced from milliseconds to microseconds. Musk has previously stated that StarlinkThe satellite Internet service will have a delay of 20 milliseconds, so it is completely incapable of 6G. Then answer the above question again. Did Musk really achieve 6G? It is completely unachievable. At most, it is a 5G, but it is better than normal.The network is much faster, even if the speed is 200Mbps, it is still not good.

So 6G-the sixth generation of mobile communications, human beings still need more breakthroughs. It is not possible to pile up by the number of satellites. If Musk lays out all the 42,000 Starlink satellites, it is not necessarilyIt can be counted as 6G. The technical challenges facing 6G today are very big. For example: Terahertz communication technology, this technology is a difficult point, so far no one in the world has clearly stated that it has been used well.

So although we are talking about 6G all the time, the use of 6G is still based on theory, and 5G has not been used on a large scale. 6G is still far away from us, and now it can only be regarded as a stage of explorationSo if someone says that Musk’s Starlink plan is 6G, it’s just because you don’t know enough about it. This is the general situation. At the same time, with the construction of Musk’s Starlink network, many opposition voices around the world have appeared, mainlyThe opposition from the astronomical science community is louder.

What do astronomical scientists object to?

It is true that many people see that Musk’s "Starlink" satellite has nothing to do with astronomical scientists and object to what to do. In fact, this is equivalent to a "butterfly effect", that is, after Musk launches a large-scale satellite,It has affected the exploration of deep space by astronomers, so it has been paid attention to by astronomers, and there has been an impact, so I hope not to launch objections. But obviously, this possibility is extremely low, and this is justThe existence of an "opposing voice".

Actually, apart from thinking of this, there is another thing that exists. When there are more and more satellites in space, we will see that the "available zone" above the earth will become very few, Once a satellite loses its balance, it will bring a spatial disaster.

So now with the development of human science and technology, more and more satellites enter into space, which is not a good thing on the whole. In the future we will see more space junk and even launch other probes into other celestial bodies, Is a difficult thing.


Although we enjoy it now, it actually planted a "crisis" for the future of "space". Once the "available" space above the earth becomes less, then there will definitely be a space crisis in the future, and there will be more space junk, They will always float and even affect other satellites, so upgrading technology may be the most critical. 42,000 Starlink satellites are deployed into space together. You can imagine how dangerous it is. There is no extra space to maintain it. OnceA satellite collision would really be a space disaster.

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