The winter of 2100 is only 31 days, some cities will sink to the bottom of the sea?

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Since 1975, Wallace Smith Brocker proposed global warming, a large number of people and countries have been affected. Wildfires around the world are inexhaustible, a large number of animals are at risk, polar glaciers and animalsEspecially obvious.

February 2021, a study in "Geophysical Research Letters" showed that due to global warming, summer has been extending and winter has been shortening.

Researchers compared the temperature data from 1952 to 2011 and found that the summer has increased from 78 days to 95 days, the winter has been reduced from 76 days to 73 days, the spring has been reduced from 124 days to 115 days, and the fall has been reduced from 124 days to 115 days.The original 87 days were reduced to 82 days. Researchers based on global warming models predict that if the warming trend is not alleviated, there will be only 31 days left in winter in 2100, summer will last 180 days, and spring and autumn will continue to shorten..

All this is just a conservative estimate, because the climate system is intertwined and very complicated. Global warming is not a steady increase, but a continuous cycle of superposition and intensification. There are still a large number of time bombs on the earth, such as the global average temperature rising by 2 degrees, The 1,400 billion tons of combustible ice under the Eastern Siberian Arctic Shelf ESAS will be ignited, and its greenhouse gas emissions are equivalent to the total carbon emissions of mankind in 12,000 years. Once the door of hell is opened, there will be no winter on the earth.Some friends may not figure it out, don’t the seasons of the year change with the date?

Why does the earth have four seasons?

Indeed, there are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter, winter is cold and summer is hot, each season is March, about 90 days, this is known to 5-year-olds. So do you know the principle of dividing the four seasons? This division methodOriginated from the revolution and rotation of the earth.

4.5 billion years ago, the earth was not so big. There was a protoplanet similar to the size of Mars near the original earth orbit. It collided with the earth, causing the earth's rotation to be deflected, making the earth's equator which was originally nearly parallelThere is an angle between the plane and the ecliptic plane, which causes the direct sun to move back and forth on the Tropic of Cancer. Therefore, the heating conditions everywhere on the earth also follow the direct change. This is the spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Looking from the north pole, the earth's revolution is counterclockwise. According to the above picture, starting from the vernal equinox, the direct shot point is above the equator, and moves north to the Tropic of Cancer to reach the summer solstice the hottest in the northern hemisphere; the direct shot point is from the Tropic of Cancer to the equator, It turns cooler to the autumnal equinox; the direct point moves south from the equator to the Tropic of Capricorn, and the coldest weather is the winter solstice.

If there are no other factors, the temperate regions of the earth have four distinct seasons, just like the climate in 1952 was less affected by the greenhouse effect, and the four seasons were more even. Until then, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere gradually increased, like putting a mink coat on the earth.

Greenhouse effect

The earth’s heat comes from solar radiation, but the temperature changes come from the surface. Light is a part of electromagnetic waves, and different lights have different energy and wavelength. The surface of the sun reaches 6000 degrees, and it releases more energy.Strong shortwave radiation.

In addition to the visible light band that we can see, there are some ultraviolet rays and a small amount of infrared rays in the sunlight. We can see the mountains and green water, but not the air. Air cannot reflect and absorb visible light short-wave radiation, but matter can, And can also convert short-wave radiation into long-wave radiation infrared, such as things that have been exposed to the sun for a long time. Although the air cannot absorb short-wave, the greenhouse gases such as water vapor and carbon dioxide can absorb long-wave radiation.

When sunlight is absorbed by the earth’s surface material and then transferred to the air in the form of heat, greenhouse gases will be like warm clothes, absorbing heat and causing the temperature to rise. Although the earth still revolves and rotates as before, but withThe earth’s greenhouse gases have increased, and the outer clothing has been upgraded from thin coats to cotton coats, down jackets, and mink coats. When the direct point of fire is far away from the northern hemisphere and moves from the equator to the Tropic of Capricorn, the northern hemisphere should have been winter, but because the earth is wearing mink coats, Making it difficult for the heat inside the coat to escape, so you don’t feel the cold. This is the reason why the winter becomes shorter and the summer becomes longer, regardless of the date.


Perhaps some friends will think, is it bad for more summer? Biology and the environment are closely related to the changes in the four seasons. Although humans can add or remove clothes and use temperature regulation equipment to achieve a constant indoor temperature, animals and the environment do not have this ability.Human beings are also a part of ecology.

The Ministry of the Environment of Japan once produced a 2100 weather forecast video. The video predicts that the national average temperature in Japan will be higher than 40 degrees in summer and 30 degrees in winter. A large number of heatstroke patients in hospitals line up. Summer crops are affected by the high temperature.The grain production has been greatly reduced, and natural disasters such as typhoons and rains have become more frequent.

With the extension of summer, mosquitoes will spread diseases more frequently. Bird migration patterns will change, which will affect the pollination and seeding of plants. When the growth of plants cannot be synchronized with animals, it will affect the entire food chain.A large number of animals have entered human territories and even starved to extinction. For example, wild pandas are extremely picky eaters and eat 20 kilograms of certain types of bamboo a day. When the temperature rises and the summer prolongs, the bamboo will die in large areas.I want to know.

In mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, water temperature will also increase, and a large number of aquatic species will also be threatened. When the global average temperature rises by 2 degrees, combustible ice in the deep sea will be ignited, global glaciers and mountain tops will completely melt, and sea levels will rise66 meters, a large number of coastal cities were flooded. If the global warming trend is not controlled, all this will happen in 2100.

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