What is the name of the first human being in the world, does she or he really exist?

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How did the first human on earth come? How did humans reproduce?

If you want to find the first human on earth, you can only turn to myths, because gods are omnipotent. But in different regions or countries, there are different gods, and they all show their magical powers and call themselves the worldThe boss, created the world and mankind in a variety of weird ways, and the first people created are also different.

Now I will share with you the stories of some of the most famous gods creating the world and mankind.

God made man.

The story of God's creation in the Bible is like this: Before the creation of the world, the whole world was in chaos similar to the Chinese legend of opening up the world, and there was nothing. God, Jehovah, created the world in six days, and the day was created on the first day.And the night, the second day created the air and the sky, the third day created the earth, ocean, rivers, mountains, flowers and trees, the fourth day created the sun, moon and stars, the fifth day created the fish, birds and animals, and the sixth day the firstPersonal. After doing this, God is tired, and I went to sleep on the seventh day.

This first man was made by Jehovah in his own image from the earth and clay. Jehovah gave the clay man a sigh of relief, and the man lived, can talk and walk. This is a man, and God took it for himHis name was Adam. God asked all the flowers, trees, birds, and beasts that hadn't been named to come to Adam to take orders. Adam called them what they were.

God confessed to Adam that the fruit in the Garden of Eden can be eaten at will, but you cannot eat the fruit of the tree of good and evil, otherwise you will die. After God woke up, he found that Adam was alone and decided to make him a spouse. God hypnotized himAdam, took off one of his ribs and healed his wounds without pain or visible, and then made a woman with the ribs removed.

When Adam woke up and saw a woman, he had a wife. This wife was called Eve. At first, they were very simple and didn't know the relationship between men and women, so they didn't do anything about husband and wife. They just played happily together in the Garden of Eden.They eat fruit when they are hungry, and sleep when they are tired. A snake tempted them and let them steal the forbidden fruit. As a result, they began to love each other and became passionately united. God was very angry and punished the snake to walk on its abdomen for generations.Nibbles the soil. He also drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden and let them suffer in a barren world.

But they are very happy, have children, and reproduced human beings. This is the story of God creating man. The first person in the world is Adam, the second person is Eve, the third and the fourth are Adam and Eve.Cain and Abel’s sons, more and more, will not be introduced one by one. Who are our ancestors? It seems that they are not settled among them.

Because all Chinese are made by Nuwa.

In Chinese myths and legends, the appearance of human beings has nothing to do with God, but Nuwa squeezed it out of mud. Who is Nuwa? The legend is Fuxi’s wife, and both husband and wife are the founders of Huaxia Humanities. HereBefore, it was Pangu who split the cosmic egg in the chaos. The light rises to become the sky, and the heavy sinks to become the earth. Then, in order to prevent the heavens and the earth from colliding together again, Pangu supported the sky and the earth with his hands and feet, and grew taller every day.10 feet, the day after 18 thousand years is already 30,000 miles high.

Pangu Qi died, and her body turned into mountains and rivers. At this time, the earth was still lonely, and Nuwa was very lonely, so she fished out the mud from the Yellow River and pinched the villain, but this pinching method was very slow, she thought about itThink, fold off a willow branch, dipped it in the mud, and shake it up, so countless little people appeared alive, and the human world appeared.

The descendants of the Chinese are prosperous, and the population is so large now, probably because of this quick method. But who was the first person Nuwa created? Does it include all races in the world? Legend?There is no explanation, and no one goes to the roots.

There are still many stories of great gods creating people in the world.

There are many gods in Greek mythology, including Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus, Gaia, the goddess of the earth, Persephone, daughter of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, and Dieus, the son of Prometheus.Kalion and his wife Pila, etc., have different methods of creating human beings. Some are useful with clay, some are useful with stones, and some are very weird.

The creator of Egyptian mythology is called Rashen, the incarnation of the sun god. Rashen was born in the water at the beginning of Yuan Dynasty. He used his secretions to create the god of rain and moisture, Tefnut, and the god of wind with semen.Hugh, created a series of gods with the blood of his genitals, and then created mankind with tears.

The creator of the Koran in Islam is Allah. He is omnipotent and created everything in the world. The first person he created was Adam, and then he created a woman named Hawa, and asked her to interact with AdamMarried as a husband and wife. They were also instigated by insidious evil spirits, ate the forbidden fruit, and were driven by Allah to suffer, thereby reproducing offspring.

In ancient India, the god of creation was the giant Prusha, and the god of creation was Brahma; the god of creation in Japan was the god, and the god created two brothers and sisters Izanokun and Izanranzun; there are also Persia, Babylon, and MexicoEtc., each country has its own great gods to create the world and mankind, and their creation methods are varied and weird, so I won’t describe them one by one.

Actually, there are more than one version of the creation of the world and human beings by the great gods of various countries. Here are just some widely circulated versions. In various myths and legends, there are few sayings of the first person, and it is relatively clear that there is the first personThey are Adam created by God, Adam created by Allah, these two are the first people in their mythology, and both are men, and the gods who created man are male and female.

I have an immature idea. If these gods sit together, I don’t know if these gods will argue, and they will all claim that they have created human beings. If they don’t, they will show their magical powers and fight against each other., The winner is king. But the final result is likely to be that all kinds of gods only get the credit for creating their own nation, but in the end, whoever created them first will have to fight, and then within the nation gods will have to fight for life and death.I don’t know who will kill you.

"The Great God of the World" Darwin ended the debate between the gods.

British biologist Charles Darwin published his stunning work ~ "The Origin of Species" in 1859, which has since changed the world's view of humans and all biological sources. This work systematically expounds Darwin's theory of evolution. He usedA large number of facts and experimental evidences have discussed that all the ever-changing organisms are derived from a few common ancestors and evolved through a long process of natural selection. Natural selection, survival of the fittest, and survival of the fittest are the evolution of species differentiation.The basis of evolution.

There are two main points of Darwin's theory of evolution: one is that species are changeable, and living things are constantly evolving, and they never stop and are always on the way; the other is that natural selection is the driving force of biological evolution, not humans, and moreIt’s not a god or a ghost. Darwin’s theory of evolution quickly swept the world and became the most scientific and systematic theory of species in history. It was respected by the scientific community all over the world. This fundamentally buried creationism, and thus received the theological community.Detested.

Of course, the gods themselves are powerless to punish Darwin, because the gods’ magical powers are originally illusory legends fabricated by believers. It is the representatives of the gods in the world and their filial descendants who resist and hate Darwin’s theory of evolution.Darwin dug their ancestral graves. If left unchecked, they would have no basis for existence and the benefits of being enshrined in the world. Of course, they had to "defend the way." Thus, they scolded Darwin for more than 100 years.Scolding.

Modern scientific explanation of human origin.

Although the logic of Darwin's theory of evolution is very strong, it also has certain flaws. The biggest flaw is that there is not enough archaeological fossil evidence chain to explain the "transition" between different species. This is also the main grasp of many people attacking the theory of evolutionThe "little pigtails", but people who grasp the "little pigtails" have no evidence to overthrow the theory of evolution, let alone any evidence to prove creationism or other non-evolutionary theories. Therefore, in comparison, the theory of evolution is not perfect, but it has always been the best.Close to the truth, the most systematic and scientific explanation of the origin of species.

Modern science is increasingly making up for the shortcomings of the theory of evolution, mainly including discoveries in archaeology, biochemistry, and genetics. More and more archaeological evidence, especially the in-depth study of genetic maps, strongly supports the theory of evolution.The most convincing of these is the three classic evidences, namely, comparative anatomy, paleontology, and repetition of embryonic development. On this basis, a modern comprehensive theory of evolution has been formed, and modern biology has been established around this core idea, which occupies the modern age.The dominance of biological sciences.

Modern comprehensive theory of evolution has a clearer and clearer context for species evolution and evolution. This is the same origin of all things. All living things in the world originated from the earliest primitive cells. Primitive cells evolved from single cells to multiple cells, from heterotrophicFrom anaerobic cells to autotrophic anaerobic cells and then to aerobic aerobic cells, organisms gradually differentiate and evolve plants and animals from low levels, and animals from fungi to soft bodies, and then to spine, crawling, and mammals.

Humans evolved and differentiated gradually from mammals. In many accidents and fortunes, they evolved through genetic mutations and mutations. Therefore, humans are not the first, but the entire group has come to today in constant changes. IfIt is necessary to trace back to the most primitive ancestors of mankind. At every stage of the above-mentioned evolution process, human ancestors are hidden in it.

The original ancestors of human beings are not humans, but animals that are not like humans.

The relatively clear road map for human evolution can be traced back to 164 million years ago, when the ancestors of mammals appeared, but under the deterrence of the dinosaur overlords, it was very difficult to live cautiously. This evidence is in Liaoning, China in 2013Unearthed a mouse-like "mini stigmata", this fossil of only 14 cm is considered to be the earliest mammalian fossil, so it is the earliest ancestor of modern mammals; humans are a branch of mammals, this fossil is alsoIt is thought that it may be a human ancestor, so scientists named this fossil "Chinese Jurassic Mother".

The extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago ended the era of reptiles dominating the earth. Mammals ushered in the spring of development. Later, mammals soon became the dominators of the earth. Humans gradually evolved in these mammals.Come out, and finally stand out from the primates, that is, monkeys, orangutans, and apes.

Forest ancient apes, Lama ancient apes, and Australopithecus are considered to be the distant ancestors of humans. Chimpanzees are close relatives of humans. Human ancestors parted ways with chimpanzee ancestors 10 to 8 million years ago. Since then, human ancestors have begun to walk out of the jungle and travel.The world. Human ancestors learned to use fire, through simple to complex language communication and communication, the habits of group life became stronger and stronger, eating cooked food reduced many diseases of primitive humans, nutrition was easier to absorb, and the body became stronger.With the support of conceptual tools, consciousness and logical thinking became more and more developed, and finally became the boss of the world.

Mitochondrial tracking believes that modern humans all come from a "mother".

The human body's mitochondrial DNA is difficult to change. It usually takes 20,000 years to have small changes, so it is a beacon for tracking genetic genes. In 2003, the scientific community completed a great feat ~ The Human Genome Project, which is from the United States and the United KingdomScientists from Japan, Japan, France, Germany, and China joined forces and spent billions of dollars, which took 13 years to complete. The result is the "Human Gene Sequence Atlas".

U.S. "National Geographic" magazine keenly sensed the hidden important clues, and with the funding of IBM, it immediately launched a deepening chain project using the human gene sequence map, called the "Human Migration Genetic Geographical Map Project." ThisThe plan was launched in 2005, and China has also actively participated in it. Through genetic tracking, it was discovered that modern people all over the world originated in Africa and evolved from Homo sapiens hundreds of thousands of years ago.

As a result of mitochondrial DNA tracking, the world’s population is inherited by one mother. This does not mean that there was only one human mother at the beginning, but that many mothers’ offspring did not survive in the end, or they did not have daughtersSurvival. The ancestors of more than 7 billion people in the world now point to a mother who was a dozen to 200,000 years ago. Scientists call this mother "mitochondrial Eve."

36 clan mothers are the ancestors of all people.

The mitochondria only track women, so in the end there is no female inheritance in the offspring. The descendants of "Mitochondrial Eve" began to migrate around the world about 100,000 years ago. At that time, she was long gone, but she reproducedThere have been many descendants of, mixed among the people of the Great Migration, and reached all over the world. As a result of tracking, only 36 descendants of "Mitochondrial Eve" have been passed on. They lived in all parts of the world between 1 and 45,000 years ago.The "clan mother" of modern people.

There is a website called "oxfordancestors" oxfordancestors. As long as you pay a certain fee, you can find out which descendant of the "clan mother" you are there. It is said that many people have already recognized their ancestors on this website.. Here you can also track through the Y chromosome to find your paternal ancestors. Friends who are interested can check it out. It is not easy to provide a website here, but fortunately, you can find it by searching on Baidu.

This may be the earliest ancestor of modern people that can be found. But there are still many controversies about this clue. The truth can only be distinguished by your own qualities.

To sum up, it is clear whether there is the first human being on the earth? It is up to you to choose whether you believe in science or theology. The code word is not easy. If you like it, please pay attention and like it, thank you for reading, Welcome to discuss.

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