What is the white dirty thing from the hair? What effect does it have on the human body?

I don’t know if you have such a situation, just scratch your head and you can pick out a piece of white dirt from your scalp. Unlike body dirt, white dirt doesn’t look so dirty, then the problem is coming., What exactly are these dirty things made of?

Dirty on the scalp

Modern people attach great importance to shampooing, even reaching the level of "no shampoo, no social interaction". But even if we wash our hair often, we can always buckle a piece of white mud on the head.

Actually, the composition of these white mud is the same as the black mud rubbed off from the body. It is composed of dead cells, skin debris, oil and dust, and the remains of viruses and bacteria. Some people wash their hair without flushing.Clean, so the white mud may also contain residual shampoo.

The appearance of white mud does not mean that the hair is dirty. Because the scalp is protected by hair, it is difficult for dust to come here. Therefore, the main components of white mud are human metabolites, bacteria, viruses and other substances, which can be seen under a microscope.To specific constituents.

However, if your hair is very oily and it is easy to lose hair, there may be another organism on your head, and its presence may cause severe hair loss or even baldness.

Head mites

On our heads, there is also a small animal: head mites. Head mites are tiny lipophilic animals that parasitize on the scalp. They are very small and invisible to the naked eye. You will hardly notice them..But under the microscope of 1000 times, we can clearly see the appearance of head mites.

Under the microscope, the head and body of the head mites are almost connected together. Their bodies look very round, like small bugs, with multiple claws and fluff, moving on the scalp.

Head mites are a kind of mites. Unlike head lice, head mites mainly live on the nutrition of the roots of the hair and the oil secreted by them.

Maybe you might think that the head mites feed on the oil we secrete, which just helps solve the problem of easy oily hair, but it is not that simple.

Under normal circumstances, our hair will grow back after shedding, but if the hair follicles are damaged, the hair will never grow out. Head mites are parasitic on us and will penetrate into the hair follicles.The nutrients in the hair follicles make a living, thereby destroying the hair follicles, causing hair loss or even baldness.

It turns out that when the head mites burrow into our hair follicles to eat oil, they will secrete lipolytic enzymes, erode the sebaceous glands, block the hair follicles, cause the hair follicles to shrink, and even lead to hair loss. According to the research of scientists, every head mitesA hair can be gnawed in 3 months.

Although the destructive ability of a single head mites is low, they understand that "unity is strength". The head mites can reproduce one generation every 15 days, and the number of each generation is about 30-40. In this way, the head mites are not very useful for the army.It will occupy the entire scalp for a long time.

Head mites enter and exit on our scalp, and they may bring pathogens around the hair follicles, causing inflammation around the hair follicles, affecting the proliferation and division of normal hair mother cells, and the metabolites of head mites will also affect our scalp health.Causes the hair to be very oily, and the speed of hair loss is accelerated, resulting in thinning of the hair, and even partial baldness. If you feel that you are oily frequently and are prone to hair loss, you can check whether there are head mites on the scalp.

If there are head mites on the scalp, in addition to timely treatment, you should also pay attention to it in your daily life. After washing your hair, you must dry it in time and wear less hats. This is because the high temperature and humidity environment is very beneficial to head mites.Survive.

Wash your hair every few days?

Since dirty things are prone to appear on the hair, how often is the best time to wash your hair?

Actually, there is no clear statement on how often is the best time to wash your hair, because everyone’s situation is different. If the oil is frequently produced, as long as you don’t wash your hair for a day, it will become a "big oil field".In addition to shampooing, it is best to see a doctor.

Healthy people’s hair can be washed once every two or three days. Frequent washing of the hair will also cause certain damage to the scalp. In addition, it is best to dry the hair quickly after washing, on the one hand because of the damp and warm scalpIt is very beneficial to the survival of head mites. On the other hand, drying quickly can also keep the scalp dry and keep the hair healthy.

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