If a nuclear bomb is thrown at Huangshi Volcano, will it cause a huge disaster?

The Yellowstone Volcano is a super volcano located in the Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. It is the largest and still active super volcano in the world today. Because the volcanoes in this area are still active, the geothermal resources in this area are also very high.Abundant. Two-thirds of the world's geysers are concentrated in Yellowstone Park, and Yellowstone Park has the most active geysers in the world.

Different from ordinary volcanoes, Huangshi super volcano does not have obvious mountains like ordinary volcanoes, that is, there is no volcanic cone, and the whole is a flat large plateau. It should have volcanic cones like ordinary volcanoes. The reason why it is so unique is thatBecause of the great power during the eruption, the mountain was flattened by the impact of the huge eruption, leaving only a crater-like depression on the surface, which is called a caldera or volcano as shown in the picture below.

Large volcanic eruptions often produce relatively large natural disasters. As the largest active volcano in the world, Huangshi volcano has naturally attracted attention. According to the research of geologists, Huangshi volcanoes have experienced a total of more than 2 million years.There have been three major eruptions. The most recent large-scale eruption occurred 640,000 years ago. Judging from the eruption records, it erupts almost every 600,000 years. It stands to reason that in the last tens of thousands of years, Huangshi volcano hasIt may erupt again, and scientists are also very worried about this.

Scientists have discovered that the geological activities under the Yellowstone volcano are very active. According to the research of scientists from the University of Utah and the US Geological Survey, the crust under the Yellowstone crater rose by 17 cm between 2004 and 2007, and this caused theThe upward force of the crustal crust comes from the accumulation of underground magma. The crust below Yellowstone Park is thinner than the surrounding areas, only more than 10 kilometers thick, and below the crust is lava, the magma during volcanic eruption originated from this.

At present, the volcanic activity of the Huangshi Super Volcano Group is under close monitoring by scientists, and no signs of eruption have been found. As for whether there will be another large-scale eruption in the future, scientists are not too sure.

If a nuclear bomb is artificially dropped on Huangshi Volcano, will it cause the Huangshi Volcano to erupt in advance, and what disaster will it cause?

There are many types of nuclear bombs, and the explosive equivalent is large or small. The amount of damage that a nuclear bomb can cause to Huangshi Volcano depends mainly on the equivalent size of the nuclear bomb.

If it is a nuclear bomb of the Hiroshima atomic bomb level, it is basically tickling it. And a nuclear bomb of the tens of millions of tons level will only cause small-scale and low-intensity earthquakes. If it is the Soviet Union’s 50000The 10,000-ton tsar hydrogen bomb buried this big guy under the Huangshi Volcano for detonation. It is indeed possible that the crust below the Huangshi Volcano will crack or break, which will trigger the eruption of the Huangshi Volcano, but the probability is not very large.

Because many people may have overestimated the power of nuclear bombs, the energy released by a magnitude 7 or 8 earthquake far exceeds the tsar hydrogen bomb, and only such a large force can cause cracks in the earth's crust in a short period of time. So we mustTo trigger the eruption of the Yellowstone Volcano, a lot of tsarist hydrogen bombs should be needed. As for the specific requirements, the location of the nuclear bomb is also related to the location of the nuclear bomb in the ground.

If the eruption is not triggered, the harm caused by a tsarist hydrogen bomb underground explosion will not be too great. Nuclear radiation and high temperature will hardly cause harm to people on the ground, but it will cause a medium-scale accident in the area.earthquake.

Even if the eruption is triggered, the intensity is not big, it is really hard to say, because this is also related to the accumulation of magma underground in Huangshi Volcano, which is not clear to scientists.

If the Yellowstone volcano erupts on a small scale, the harm will not be too great. If it is a large-scale eruption, not only the entire North American continent will be directly affected by it, but also other parts of the world will be affected by it. A large amount of volcanic ash enters the atmosphere and can block it.Sunlight changes the climate of the earth, and crops in many places may be reduced or even lost, and eventually cause a huge disaster.

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