How fierce is the Amazon python, if it entangles people, is there any possibility of survival?

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The Amazon python really exists! This is the largest, strongest, and powerful snake in the world. This snake can grow up to 6 meters in length and weigh nearly 150 kilograms, so it is equivalent to a pig. It really is.It’s too big. Because this creature is very powerful, it’s also a “rare enemy” in the biological world. No creature can kill it. It monopolizes the top predators of the Amazon. It is quite in the Amazon rainforest.So "silent killer".

At the same time, as long as the creature entangled by it, it is unlikely to have a chance to escape. It will be entangled to death and then swallowed alive. It is the same as most python populations, so people are very afraid of the creature when they see it.. Stay away and dare not do any harm.

Amazon pythons really exist, how fierce are they?

The Amazon python is indeed strong. It is not only considered the largest snake in the world, but also one of the most ferocious snakes. Its torso is as strong as the body of an adult. The Amazon python mainly lives in areas with more water and belongs to the likingWater species often prey on birds, such as turtles, capybaras, tapirs, deer, voles, etc. So it is also called "deer-eater" in some areas. Although it is a snake, it preys more than we see.The beast is stronger.

At the same time, it is not inferior to the crocodile. The fierce crocodile can be regarded as the top of the food chain, but the Amazon python can still swallow it, mainly by devouring the "Caiman". Have a mealAfter that, you can rest for a few weeks without eating again.

At the same time, the Amazon giant python also has a relatively big feature, that is, it does not "prey with poison", but through entanglement, it achieves its own hunting, and directly entangles it to death. This is its huntingWay, so if someone encounters an Amazon python in the future, don’t come into contact with it. For most people, they are very scared to see a snake. Let alone such a big snake, they must be scared, so inDon’t look at it unless it’s necessary, unless you really can’t avoid it.

Is there any possibility of survival if the Amazon python entangles people?

Generally speaking, this kind of giant snakes will not attack people, unless humans really affect their survival, and affect them at an inappropriate time, so that they may be attacked by them. However, if people reallyIs entangled by the Amazon giant python, it can be said that it is rarely possible to survive. Many people say that it is possible to release the snake by poking the tail with a knife. Is this really possible?

In fact, this is totally thinking too much. Everyone knows that the Amazon giant python, or this way of predation, is a very special way of predation. When they entangle an object, they only need to senseIt’s impossible to loosen the “living creatures”, and as long as they struggle, the more strength they entangle. Therefore, let alone people still have a way to take out a knife, even if they take out a knife, there is no way to poke them.And wait for it to release you.

This is unlikely. We haven’t seen any relevant claims in the scientific community yet. Therefore, from the perspective of the predatory characteristics of Amazon pythons, it is unlikely that this will happen. Fortunately, Amazon pythons do notThey don’t live in our common areas. They mainly live in the Amazon rainforest zone of South America, so many people may not see this creature and don’t have to worry about attacking. The Amazon rainforest itself is a relatively primitive zone, and no one daresGo across alone.


The Amazon python is a real creature and it is also a very terrifying species. On a global scale, South America is its living area. However, through understanding of this event, we should also know that the Amazon python is alsoIt is a part of the biological chain. Everyone knows where and don’t catch anything. At the same time, there may be a life crisis. At the same time, here is a reminder to everyone. In our country, there are many kinds of snakes, poisonous and non-toxic.Snakes are there.

However, most snakes are protected species, so we don’t want to hunt and catch them at will. This may have a greater impact on ourselves. We are protecting the earth’s ecosystem, if the earth’s ecosystemWithout protection, these snakes may disappear completely in the future. Although many people hate snakes and are afraid of snakes, they are also part of our food chain. Therefore, we do not pursue large snake populations and small snake populations.Just need to be stable.

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