Almost extinct? Both the East Island Bison and Zhoushan Cattle have less than 200 heads left, so don’t eat them if you protect them!

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Everyone knows that Xishadong Island has been an inherent territory of my country since ancient times. A special white boobies nature reserve has been established on the island, because there are tens of thousands of birds and animals living here, and among dozens of known existing species, The largest number is the white boobies. But it is not these birds that attracted more attention from ordinary people, but a large-scale bison herd that was later discovered.

At that time, the number of Buffalo in the East Island has reached about 400, and even caused damage to the ecological environment on the island. A lot of bark was torn in the dense areas of the "cattle road", and the birds fell without paying attention.On the ground. Researchers found a large amount of cattle dung deposits through a "cow pond" on the island. The results showed that these wild cattle are not real bison, but "domestic cattle" that only landed on the island more than three hundred years ago.However, experts later suggested that the bison herd should not be specially protected. After the number has exceeded the reasonable breeding, the number of bison herd will be only a few dozen when we come to the East Island again. At this time, the experts said that we should pay attention to protection, the scale of 50.If they continue to hunt, they may disappear completely. Although they are not real bison, it is still necessary to maintain the size of about 200, and it will not cause damage to the ecology of the island.

And the Zhoushan scalpers living on the Zhoushan Islands also solve the mystery of their life experience. Although their name is scalper, their coat color is not yellow, but pure black color. Not only does it taste better than ordinary scalpers, but also has a body shape.They are much larger. In the past, many people thought that they were the offspring of ordinary cattle, but according to the results of genetic research, Zhoushan cattle are not the offspring of ordinary cattle.The highly similar genetic characteristics also explain why the coat color of Zhoushan cattle is black.

The fate is so similar. The number of bison on the East Island is not many, and the Zhoushan cattle are the same. They have lived in the Zhoushan Islands for more than 300 years, and the number of them is less than 200. You must know that the time is still the last century.In the 1970s, the scalpers on the Zhoushan Islands reproduced in large numbers, and the number was more than 2,000 at one time, but in only 9 years, the size of the scalper herd has decreased from about 2,000 by more than 700.

Later, the local cattle and Zhoushan cattle were crossed artificially. The number of pure breeds of Zhoushan cattle was further reduced. So far, the number of Zhoushan cattle has been reduced to less than 200. Although the number seems to be higher than that of Dongdao.Bison should be more optimistic, but a large part of it comes from a local conservation farm. As the name suggests, the so-called conservation farm means a breeding farm set up specifically for a certain species.Many animals will not become extinct.

In the Zhoushan Islands many years ago, due to geographical reasons, there were a lot of dry land that needed to be cultivated, so the strong scalpers were put to use. If a scalper is killed, it is generally too old to do it.However, by the time of 2011, the survey results showed that Zhoushan had fewer than fifty cattle, and only half of them could be bred. This made everyone realize that Zhoushan cattle should be protected, otherwise they willDisappear forever.

Finally, after the completion of the Zhoushan Yellow Cattle Conservation Farm, the number of scalpers increased from 9 to 23. Later, the number of scalpers in this herd was increased to more than 130 through optimal breeding. Although the current status of Zhoushan cattle has beenUnlike a few decades ago, there were many families in the village. It can be said that they can be seen everywhere. However, the current conservation farms have gradually expanded the population of this population again. Some cattle have even increased to 750 kg.The introduction of species in the farm is good news. Zhoushan cattle can breed endlessly on the land of Zhoushan.

Indeed, Zhoushan cattle are only a local local breed. Many of these breeds have become extinct or heading for extinction throughout the country, but since they will not pose a bad place for the environment, they can even bring us benefits., Then why not protect them, and don’t let these species disappear silently. The extinction of local species is not necessarily because it has no value. On the contrary, it is very likely that we have not found its greater value.

Whether it is Zhoushan cattle or Dongdao bison, they can indeed be eaten, but at the same time, we must also protect the existing population of their populations. After all, once they become extinct, they will never reproduce.A hundred years later. Moreover, these animals also have their own value. They have also survived in their habitats for hundreds of years, have integrated into the local ecosystem, and become a part of maintaining ecological stability. I hope these cute animalsAll the cattle can reproduce for generations.

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