The stool can tell how long you can live?

2015-11-26 | Mr. Zealous |

Everyone must have heard this song: "May the fireworks world be peaceful and happy, and I really want to live another five hundred years." Whether it is the emperor or the ordinary people, everyone may have a simple andRustic desire-longevity.

Today, Mr. Enthusiast comes to talk about the intestinal flora and longevity story.

The intestinal flora is really too hot. Even CCTV had a special news presentation about a seminar a few days ago :

The industry is getting more and more attention. This is a good thing, so I like both the seminar and CCTV news.

Before talking about longevity, let's briefly talk about this video. The video introduces the importance of intestinal flora and mentions the flora of longevity elderly people for reference.

But there are also problems, some are not rigorous and are too exaggerated. Find 10 groups of people of different ages and different health conditions to collect thousands of feces for sequencing, which is not too original work and the technical content is not high. From the number of samplesSee, comparing the feces or DNA samples frozen in the refrigerators of BGI or HMP-related laboratories in the United States, this may be several orders of magnitude less, and the reference database for disease, health or longevity may not be enough.

However, this is an improvement. It is the beginning of the industry's attention from the mainstream media. What the media has chosen to introduce is to attract the eye, and the research and application of the intestinal flora is to attract the eye willfully!

Today, I also talk about the relationship between intestinal flora and longevity mentioned in the video. Let me first introduce the results of an Italian scientist in 2010.

When it comes to Italy, do you think of football? Opera? Pizza and pasta?

Actually, this romantic country is also rich in longevity elderly people. According to EU statistics, Italy is the first longevity country in Europe, with an average life expectancy of 84 years for women and 78.3 years for men.

Scientists found 3 batches of Italians, with an average age of 30, 70, and 100 years.

Generally speaking, compared with 70-year-olds and 30-year-olds, the distribution of intestinal flora is not much different; but the distribution of intestinal flora of 100-year-olds has changed more significantly:The Bacteroides group XIVa was significantly reduced, while the number of Bacillus species increased significantly.

Scientists also found that the body of 100-year-olds is in a higher state of inflammation compared to "young people" aged 70 and 30, and this may be related to the reduction of certain thick-walled bacteria.

Thus, they suspect that the change in the gut flora distribution of these centenarians may be their why "she", because 20 of the 21 centenarians in the study were female. The secret to longevityOne: The change in the flora species regulates the balance between the inflammatory response and the anti-inflammatory response process.

What is the inflammatory response and this complex immunological mechanism, I will not go into details, interested people go to see the paper.

A hundred-year-olds have a special intestinal flora, and a good flora structure is conducive to longevity. This will naturally give people a lot of inspiration. We can measure our own intestinal flora it's very simple.You can know that your flora is unhealthy and you can improve it in a targeted manner.

But to make targeted improvements, in addition to the reference database mentioned in the video for crowd comparison just to see if your flora is different from healthy people with similar age, gender, etc., at least stillThere is an important job to do: that is to know the changing pattern of the intestinal flora in an individual's life, and to know which bacteria will have a bad impact at which critical moment!

Lifetime? OMG, these long decades, someone will definitely say, I will die before I finish the scientific research!

Don't worry, we can use fruit flies for experiments!

Drosophila? I'm afraid everyone is not new.

Most people do n’t want to see the mice in the laboratory, and they want to see the fruit flies? Well, you can get close contact with the fruit flies if you leave the leftover fruit skins and residues in your home for a few days.

Drosophila only has dozens of days in its life, and mice usually live for 2-4 years. Therefore, Drosophila has become a great animal for many researches on "lifetime" and "lifetime".

In 2015, a study on fruit flies gave us hope.

Scientists study the fruit flies throughout their lives and observe the relationship between bacterial changes and longevity in the intestinal tract of the fruit flies. They found that changes in the number and types of intestinal microflora cause dysfunction of the intestinal mucosal barrier, making the average of fruit flies.Life has more than doubled.

Why is this?

Originally, before the intestinal mucosal barrier dysfunction occurred, the number and type of intestinal flora in Drosophila changed significantly; and after the dysfunction occurred, the number and type of intestinal flora changed more.Obviously, the intestinal mucosal barrier dysfunction will cause more pathogenic bacteria, viruses, etc. to enter the bloodstream, causing serious consequences such as infection.

So, short-lived.

Drosophila sacrifices itself, but it brings a lot of inspiration to humans.

Especially human beings can obviously take precautions. When some terrible changes occur in the intestinal flora, don't wait for them to start harming your intestinal mucosal barrier, you can immediately start with diet and lifestyle adjustments, combining medicalIntervention to adjust both the intestine and the body to a normal state, so that it is easy to live longer.

So, if you can, let's test the bacteria to see if you can live long ~

Believe it or not!


Biagi, Elena, et al. "Through ageing, and beyond: gut microbiota and inflammatory status in seniors andcentenarians." PloS one 5.5 2010: e10667.

Clark, Rebecca I., et al. "Distinct Shifts in Microbiota Composition during Drosophila Aging Impair Intestinal Function and Drive Mortality." Cell reports12.10 2015: 1656-1667.

This article is jointly completed by Mr. Zexin and Dr. Xiaohei, a PhD student in the School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University

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